Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where does time go?

Granddog Becky, Summer 2011 (Age 13)

The week with my daughter and granddog visiting ended Saturday;  this afternoon my sister arrives for a visit.  One thing about living in a seaside village on a beautiful island - I'm never short of company! 

Between Sunday and Tuesday, I had great plans to do some significant housework, gardening, paperwork and other catch-up stuff, and I also had a column to write and photos to edit.  Unfortunately I  picked up some books I wanted to read it is Wednesday and none of the things on my 'to do' list have been done with the exception of the column my friend Liz and I co-author, which we actually got in two days before our deadline.  It really helps to have a co-writer - when one of us is procrastinating, the other holds her accountable!  As I also supply the paper with photos, I did edit a few I wanted to submit with the column, but still have about two hundred new ones of park and beach to go through.

The visit with my daughter involved a trip to Parksville, and we had fun with Sadie and Becky on the vast, beautiful sand beaches there.  Do these look like happy dogs to you?

Sadie and Becky on Parksville beach
Happy Becky

Happy Becky running on beach

Such a good dog!

Aack - sand on my tongue and wind in my furs!!!

I have to laugh at the way Becky runs (that's okay - Becky probably laughs at the way I run, too) - she is like a rocking horse - both front legs up, both back legs up, both front legs up, both back legs up...

Like any grandma, my camera is always out when the grandkid(dog) is around.

Ears up!

And like any good grandma, I have to spoil the grandkid(dog) while she's here - a new piece of bling ID for her collar, and a flying squirrel as she really likes the one I keep here for visiting dogs. Her paw on her squirrel definitely says "MINE!":

New bling AND a flying squirrel! Thanks, Grandma Jean!

And now I better get the spare room prepared, give the rest of the house a lick and a promise, and run out for some groceries and dog food -- if I don't get sidetracked by the new hatch of sparrows that were born in the birdhouse under my shed roof a couple of days ago. Baby squeeks and wide open beaks and busy parent birds are sooooo entertaining!


sonia a. mascaro said...

Sadie and Becky are so beautiful!
Parksville looks a wonderful place.

Anonymous said...

Awww, Becky is looking great. Sadie too of course.


sonia a. mascaro said...

Thank you so much for your kind words of comfort. I will remember each day your beautiful words of consolation: "Her spirit will always be with you, helping your heart to heal."
With warm embrace,

Dawn said...

Jean, this is a particularly joyous post. It was just great to see those lovely dogs at Parksville.

Colleen said...

Lovelovelove the way Becky runs!! And your photos of that had me chuckling. :))

I am very curious about the column you are co-writing! Local paper?

Jean said...

Hi Colleen. We write for the Chemainus Courier, a monthly newspaper here. The column is entitled "The Crofton Connection", and between the column, my photos, and the occasional seperate article we write (as well as a few ads from Crofton businesses), we generally have two pages of the paper. As Crofton is too small to have its own paper, it is great that one of the other area papers highlights our village this way!

Colleen said...

I brought up the Chemainus Courier online but couldn't find your column. Is it anywhere online that I cannot find?

How fun that must be for you and Liz!

Jean said...

The website it pretty bare bones at the moment (fairly new publisher, not sure if the previous one had a website) - the columns aren't on there. I think a couple of my photos are in the gallery, but they don't identify which photographer took which ones.
Hopefully the paper will expand the online version in time.