Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I have a ton of things to blog about today, but there is one that is more important than anything else:  My beautiful, sweet, Charley-girl is fourteen years old today.

The Birthday Girl on the beach

Beautiful Charley

Ah sure hope I'z getting cake and presents!

Happy Charley

Very happy Charley!

Happy, happy, happy, happy fourteenth birthday, Charley.  You have lived with me longer than any other dog who has ever shared my life.  From pup to old age, always sweet and good, ever more beautiful with each passing day.  I love you,  my sweet girl.

Charley, 3 months

Charley, age 14


(Stay tuned for more posts today or tomorrow on:  another pupdate - Major Bo Jangles;  a visit from my granddog Becky;  a Turtle Gardens Reunion;  and oh a bunch of stuff. Somehow it didn't seem right to make Charley share this momentous occasion!)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Charley! You truly are a sweet girl. I know this to be true because I was lucky to be with you and your pals in Jan.


Caroline said...

Happy birthday beautiful girl!
I noticed that mom didn't take a picture of you biting into a giant cake
surely you got a cake!!

(((((((woofs and hugs))))))))) from my pooches!

Anonymous said...

Charley - A very happy birthday to you, you're such a lovely girl!
Beautiful inside and out.

Hugs from Sharon and Taleah and we sure hope you get lots of treats (doggie cake?!) today.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Charley, from me and my crew... all of us that know or have known and love you - Toby, Kinley, Cisco and Logan. When you lived on the farm, you would always predict our arrival well before anyone else heard our car and always gave us the biggest welcome. You are beautiful inside and out and very, very special. And oh so photogenic!

Enjoy your special day!

luv ya lots,

Anonymous said...

Happy 14th Birthday Charley girl! I know you had a great day and I hope your mom got you a cake and presents!!

Sheryl said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful Charley!!

What a sweet girl you are.

DS said...

♫♪Happy Birthday To You Charlie♪♫
You don't look a tday over 12 ;-) We know you MUSTA' got cake. The pictures are just being developead. Right Aunty Jean?!
Love Duchess and The "Royals"

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dear Charlie! Love you!


Anonymous said...

We wish you...
a happy birthday,
We wish you...
a happy birthday,
We wish you...
a happy birthday,
And lots of cookies
to share!

Your friends,
Riley and Ginger Snap

Anonymous said...

Thanks, everyone. I didn't get no cake (mama sez I have a 'sensitive tummy', whatever that is!), but I did get extra treats, and mama sez I can have a WHOLE BAG of my special cookies from the dog cookie lady at the farmer's market here on Saturday, instead of just the one I usually get. Yum!

Luv, Charley.

georgia little pea said...


how horrible that i'm late! My Typist got caught up with all kinds of important (huh) stuff last week and missed out reading about your big day. i hope you got your cake and pressies and had a beaut time!

much love, your friend Georgia xox

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry I fogot your Birthday Sweet Charley. I hope a belated birthday wish will be accepted.
I'll have to get my person to put it in her book so I will remember for next year. My memory isn't as good as when I was a young fella.
The old man in your life Archie

The young ones, Tess, Tanner and Hugo also send their best wishes.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Happy fourteenth birthday, Charley!
You are so beautiful and I am glad to know you!

Birdlady said...

A very belated Happy Birthday Charley!! My, you've grown old(er) so gracefully!!!! I hope you had a great day and the Mom gave you LOTS of treats!!!!! Lots of hugs from me and my furry and feathered crew!!