Wednesday, July 6, 2011

See how they grow!

Remember this little guy? One of Lucy's pups, who we called Nugget?

Nugget, nearly six weeks old

More puppy pics and description of him here.

And this was Nugget,  renamed Fitz, just shortly after he was adopted, lying around with his big brother Odin:

Fitz and big brother Odin

And here he is today!!!

Fitz at 9 months

Got any treats in that pocket, dad?

Odin, Fitz and Eric

Fitz and his mama Leah, visiting Tofino, BC
(photos used with permission)

I'd say he's grown a wee bit!  Eric, his dad, says he is now 70-75 pounds. As he's only nine months old, he's still got a bit of growing to do - dogs grow most quickly for the first year, more slowly for the second year, and fill out a bit in the third year. So I'm guessing this boy is heading for the 100 pound range. All that from little short-legged 45 pound Lucy Lou!

Eric reports that Fitz is doing really well. Although he's still a bit hesitant with water, he will now follow brother Odin out into the water - I'm betting he'll be swimming in no time. And he is also developing a real love for sticks. Yay, Fitz, a good way to tire you out and keep you fit (assuming you fetch them and don't just chew on them!).

I think I see a bit of German Shepherd in there (Lucy!  Just how many 'friends' did you have lined up waiting for you behind that woodshed???).  Eric is having DNA testing done on both the dogs, and will let me know the results.  While canine DNA testing is by no means foolproof (and many breeds are not represented in the analysis, or are clustered in with other breeds that share common genetic traits),  I can't wait to hear what breeds the lab thinks Fitz might represent.
Eric and Leah, thanks for the pupdate. That is one handsome, happy boy you have there.

If any of my readers know any of the adopters, please give them a nudge to send me a pupdate. I've emailed the few I have email addresses for (though two bounced back as undeliverable), but no responses yet. Hopefully they are out taking a bunch of photos for us!


Dom said...

It's amazing how fast they grow.

Anonymous said...

WoW he is getting big. I see GSD in him also. The DNA will be interesting. When my friend had her rottie done it came back as part Yorkie. HUH??