Thursday, July 7, 2011

And heeer's HUBBARD!

Following right on the back of the pupdate from yesterday, here's another of the Butternut Squash kids all grown up.

Hubbard has gone from this:

Hubbard, nearly six weeks old

To this!

Hubbard, 9 months, with his dad Troy
(Photos used with permission)

Like his littermate Fitz, Hubbard is also somewhat hesitant around water. Here he is on his first venture into the ocean - as you'll see, he's also very stick motivated!

And after all that play, what dog doesn't need to lie down for a nice long nap?

His mom and dad, Leah and Troy, report that all seventy pounds of him are "full of love".

Thanks for the pupdate, Leah and Troy! What gorgeous dogs Lucy's pups have become.


Funder said...

YAY PUPDATES! I love seeing them all grown up and happy :)

Black Jack's Carol said...

Both Hubbard and Fitz have grown into absolutely beautiful dogs. I am so happy for them, and grateful to you for the superb upbringing you they had and the wonderful homes you found for them.

About your photographs, and my comment a couple of posts back: I do not understand the formatting thing at all. I wonder if I can do that on my camera as well?? Some day, I hope to read the manual:)

georgia little pea said...

hubbard has grown up looking so different! he looks like the sort of dog G likes playing with. and what a great name :)

hope you didn't mind my *ahem* unauthorized use of your pic. that post was so beautiful. i thought it'd be a great way to remember it by linking back.

hooroo xox

Anonymous said...

Hubbard has also grown into a beautiful dog. I love his colouring.