Sunday, July 24, 2011

And another pupdate - ZUKE!

Foster dog Lucy's one little dark pup, the 'reverse brindle' boy with a great big personality and a ton of energy, has grown into another big beautiful boy.  This was Zuke (with his mama Lucy) at about 6 weeks:

Zuke, age 6 weeks, with Lucy

And a few other puppy pics of him from about 4-6 weeks:

At the time of his six week photoshoot, I describe him as " a perpetual whirlwind, a cheeky, mouthy, rambunctious, never-slow-down pup. He is a chewer, a puller, a nipper, a jumper, a pouncer, a humper, a tugger-of-tails, a chomper-of-toes, a mischievous, devilish, smart-as-a-whip little pup." (You can read more about him here ). 

He's also the pup who managed to get in an accident at about four and a half months and ended up with pelvic damage.  He has obviously fully recuperated and his exuberant personality remains intact!  In fact, one of his favourite activities is jumping on the trampoline with his two-legged brothers:

His mom, Elizabeth, has this to say about Zuke:

He is ADORABLE. He talks, goes crazy to lick any exposed skin, and is better than any of the boys at digging holes. Zuke will dig a hole anywhere. He watches the chickens, then has to out do them. He is a friendly boy, gets along with all creatures. I found him underneath a German Shepard one day. They were both calm and the German Shepard let him go when I asked nicely. "Not everyone wants to play, Zuke" I said. He nodded and we went and played with his girlfriend down the road.
Zuke is a big boy. We figure he must be all of 80 lbs. He eats a lot but runs it off. Our neighbor also takes him out with his two Samoyed dogs. Socialization has not been a problem. He loves the cats and the rabbits and I think the chickens too. I usually have five or six children with me on our walks and Zuke looks over all of us, running back and forth to keep everyone together.

Here's some more photos of him - as Elizabeth has found out, very dark dogs are hard to photograph.  Whirlwind dark dogs are even harder to photograph! 

Now that's a happy dog!
Thanks, Elizabeth - he sure looks good!  Looks like he has some lab in there, yet also resembles Hubbard, Fitz, and Major Bo in many ways.  Four big boys - - any updates from the girls or the short legged boys??????

(Photos used with permission)

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What an adorable fluff ball he was!