Sunday, July 17, 2011

Major Bo - all grown up!

It's another pupdate!  Bo is the pup whose placement was meant to be - the pup whose petfinder picture of him sitting on a pink and white striped quilt caught the attention of the couple whose daughter had long ago been comforted by that very same quilt.  If you missed the story of The Magic of the Quilt, you'll find it here.

This was Bo (now called Major, Major Bo, or Major Bo Jangles!) at about 6 weeks:

Bo, six weeks

And this is Major Bo now, at nine months!

Major Bo in a field of daisies, 9 months

Major Bo and his stick

Beautiful Major Bo Jangles, 9 months

Gerri and Don, Major Bo's folks, have this to say about him:
Major is truly a wonderful dog. We were just down at Mill bay beach, and he was rescuing logs and seaweed from the ocean. He is becoming a very strong and confident swimmer. I wonder if that could be the Newfie in him? As for looks he could pass for a very handsome Belgian Shepherd, and even the trainers at agility stated they were sure he had some Belgian Shepherd in him. All I know is that he is the most loyal, loving being in our lives.
His face sure looks like there's some shepherd in there, especially in that photo with the stick! Thanks for the pupdate, Gerri and Don.

Another big boy - that's three for three. I'd sure love to see how the smaller, short-legged pups turned out (hint, hint, if any of their adopters are reading this!).


Sheryl said...

Major Bo Jangles is GORGEOUS!

Lucy sure had some nice looking pups!

Anonymous said...

Another very hadsome man from the litter. Lucy should be proud to have such handsom sons.
They should all bet together and have a reunion.