Monday, December 20, 2010

Dogs with Santa

The other day, my friend Ellen sent me an email greeting featuring her two whippets, Kinley and Logan, with Santa. I asked her permission to post it here, because - well, isn't this THE BEST 'dogs and santa' photo ever?

Logan and Kinley with Santa

The photo was taken at a recent rescue fundraiser in Maple Ridge, by a team of two wonderful, dog-rescuing photographers. One was Sheena, AKA Food Lady, AKA Three Woofs and a Woo, professionally known as Big Air Photography . Big Air Photograhy was formerly known as Red Dog Photography, who once did a photo shoot for me of Sadie, Charley, Belle, and the piggies).

The other photographer's name I cannot remember and unfortunately cannot locate the original posting about this fundraiser. (If someone can recall the name, please post it in the comments or email me so I can give credit where credit is due).

I've never taken my dogs to a photoshoot with Santa. I can't imagine that they would cooperate so well. They would all be looking in different directions, singing "lalalalalala canwegonow". In fact, I've been trying to get a Christmassy photo of Lucy with a stuffed Santa the past few days. Here's the best (ha ha ha) of the dozen or more I have taken so far:

Merry Christmas, Logan and Kinley.....I hope you got extra treats for posing so nicely!


Sheryl said...

That is a beautiful Santa photo. Those dogs are naturals in front of the camera.

I took one of my dogs to see Santa and it looks as if Santa is strangling him (Santa was only trying to keep his head still - but that's not what it looks like!)

Erika said...

Jen from Mambo Mutts was the other photographer!
They took the photo of Loic that I put up on my blog :)

Bree said...

Very nice picture.. as with the shoots with your other furry friends.

Lucy is a DOLL. I adore her. I just wish we didn't have a new baby, and a selective aka b!tchy female claiming reign as attention holder in the house.. but such is life. I just know she will find a perfect home, and for now, she has the most wonderful foster mama.. :)

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely picture of Logan and Kinley.

Lucy the ham as always.