Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lucy sings the blues

Poor Lucy Lou is feelin’ blue.
She doesn’t know quite what to do.
She thinks that foster mama’s sad.
Did Lucy Lou do something bad?

She missed her bedtime snack last night,
And then this morn, no treat in sight!
No breakfast either - that’s not good!
She really, really wants some food!

No treats for her, not even kibble,
She doesn’t get a single nibble.
She doesn’t know what she’s done wrong;
She just wants food – it’s been so long.

What did she do? Why no food?
She thought that she’d been really good.
But she did bark and she jumped too high
And chased the cat ----that must be why!

Poor Lucy Lou is feelin’ blue.
She’s starving now, and lonely too.
With foster mom she took a ride
And at the vet's they went inside,

And then.....her foster mama LEFT!
And now she’s feelin’ so bereft.
“Please, foster mama, I need you!
I’m oh so sad!” says Lucy Lou.

And now the mean old people here
Are giving her a shot. That’s queer.
She’s feelin’ funny, sleepy too……
She can’t sleep now………Oh she’s so blue!!!

(Lucy is at the vet's to be spayed today. Please wish her a safe surgery and a speedy recovery)


EvenSong said...

Oh dear Lucy, don't be sad.
Having to raise puppies,
Now that's what's bad.
The mean old vet will make a snip or two,
Then you'll be better'n new!
With a happy, healthy life ahead of you!

Jean said...

Hahaha - Evensong, that cracked me up. How true! (and thanks for the news item about the dog who had SEVENTEEN puppies....OMG! I shall read that to Lucy as a reminder of why she is being spayed.)

Sheryl said...

Good Luck with your surgery, Lucy. Now, you'll be able to put all this puppy raising stuff behind you and look forward to a carefree life!

Caroline said...

thinking of Lucy and thinking that she deserves an extra special Christmas present under the tree!

Jen said...

Good luck to Ms. Lucy! Life is MUCH better this way, isn't it? No more puppies!!
Mr. Ben, my fosterboy is due to be neutered on Dec 29th, so he'll be feeling sorry for himself too! :)

Jen and the Black Dog Crew
(and by the way, I'm a TOTAL delinquent on getting your little something in the mail to you... sigh!! It IS coming, I promise!)

Anonymous said...

Oh! dear Lucy is being spayed,
She's finally gonna make the grade,
No more puppies will she need to bear,
From now on she can live life without a care.
All she needs now is her forever loving home,
And a big fenced yard so she can roam.
Until then she's safe with Momma Jean, and crew
A Very Happy New Year to Lucy and all of you!!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Ah, Lucy! I've always thought it seems so unfair that on the very day of impending surgery, when you are most in need of lots of comfort, we deprive you of food. It just isn't right, and worst of all, we can't explain in a way that you will understand that it's for your own good. You will be in my thoughts until Foster Mama lets all your fans know that you are safe and sound in her hands again. All the best to both of you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucy,

I know you don't know it, but your foster Mama did the very best thing possible for you, ever! She gave you a gift, better than those under the Christmas tree.

You will feel better soon, and then there will be lots of treats (I bet).

Get well soon!


Jean said...

Lucy is back home, feeling sorry for herself, but doing well. She felt well enough to jump up onto the front seat of the van when I was trying to get the sliding door to the back of it open! Little brat!
Poor thing came in the yard and immediately had a huge poop and pee - she must have been holding it all day long. Unlike one of my two miscreants who peed on the mudroom mat while I was out - I have no idea which one did that!
Lucy is now sleeping on the living room rug, having refused any water or chicken and rice. She has been given an injectible pain killer which should hold her until around noon tomorrow, after which she's apparently on her own (I couldn't believe they didn't give me a little packet of pills for the next few days - no antibiotics, no painkillers - they said to call them if she seemed to need something). No cone either, but I stopped at the SPCA and picked one up as the last thing I want to be doing is trying to stop her from biting at the incision while frantically driving over there for a cone.
I think I like my own vets better. In fact, I know I do.
But, at least it is done - no more puppies!

Anonymous said...

I can see the point of no antibiotics. unless needed. Both some vets and doctors hand them out way to much and you can build up a resistance to them and then when they are really needed you are hooped. Both Sophie and Tess also came home without pain meds. The idea is that if they feel a bit of pain they will hopefully stay quieter. They both did come home with the dreaded lamp shade.Being the good girls they were ( yes even Tess the Pest)they both left their stitches alone.
PS neither of them got an infection at the surgery site.

Anonymous said...

Poor Lucy. All will be well in a day or two. When I brought Riley home from her spay she had a huge poop.... in the car!!! So good on you Lucy for hanging on till you got home! I have observed the procedure and it's minimally invasive, not like the old days, so less traumatic and therefore less need for drugs, or a cone, etc. Lucy will be her bouncy self in no time!

We wish her well!
Deb S. & crew

Nana & MP said...

Poor Lucy!! Surgery is big deal stuff!

I'm glad that she's eating and doing better. :D Sending tons of hugs and belly healing vibes!