Thursday, December 9, 2010


All Lucy's puppies are now with their new families, and I've started receiving updates from some of them. Hubbard's health checked out just fine and his family is absolutely in love with him. May he enjoy many years of hiking with them! Nugget, now called Fitz, is loving his new home and his big brother. His new dad is going to send me some pictures soon.

And Zuke is enjoying life with three young boys. Here (with permission) is part of an email I received from Zuke's new mom:
I thought I would let you know that Zuke is in his new forever home in Cowichan Bay. We are the family that is going to be driven to distraction, perhaps we were already there. We have three boys, and so far Zuke has been the best behaved. He slept through the night last night, which I did not expect. My two year old did not. Perhaps you can give me some tips. This little tornado has been getting worn out. He is a great cuddler, the boys want him in their beds.... Maybe he will be big like Clifford the Dog. We live in a tiny two bedroom rancher, it keeps getting smaller. Cozy, chaotic, crazy, spacious compared to our boat where we will spend most of the summer. Hope Zuke likes water... As you can imagine, we spend most of our time outside. We have an acreage that stretches down to the beach where we look for buried treasure.

Karen tells me that all the pups went to absolutely wonderful families. There is already talk of a Butternut Squash Kids' reunion sometime down the road. How I would love to see what the pups look like six months from now!

Lucy is still looking for her forever home. Until then, she is safe with me and enjoying life to the fullest. She now goes many places in the van with me, and she has toured Chemainus, Crofton, and parts of Duncan. She wears her SPCA "Adopt Me" bandana when we go out, and has written her own handout so visitors to the SPCA can learn more about her and be tempted to meet her. She's become a party girl who loves toys, wrestling with other like-minded dogs, and sleeping wherever Charley, Sadie, Allie or I would like to be. She is becoming much more confident on walks and is still the escape artist she always was.

What d'ya mean, the back of the couch is the cat's snoozing spot?

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Anonymous said...

Jean, thanks for sharing this absolutely wonderful news. Yes, I think a "squash" reunion would be great for everyone! I'm willing to bet that when they see you they'll come running. I'm betting also that Lucy's home is on the horizon.
Great job by all those involved.