Thursday, December 23, 2010

Where did the week go?

Hmmmmm....... guess you're looking for a blog entry, eh? I had a couple of entries half written but nothing ready to post, so I decided to just blather away about nothing and give a couple of updates. I typed it out. I uploaded the photos. I clicked on "publish post". And the screen went dead. That was yesterday afternoon.

The computer is fine, but for some reason I have been unable to log into blogger. This morning I cleared all my cookies (I hate doing that - now I have to try to recall my passwords for a dozen or more accounts, none of which have the same rules about password length or format and therefore none of which have the same password). Then, after several futile attempts to log on, and a request for a new password, I finally got back on to find the post I was working on had also disappeared into cyberspace. I hope I am not being visited by the ghost of things yet to come!

Lucy is doing fine. She did give me a heart attack the day after her surgery, when she was lying on the couch watching me work in the kitchen, and suddenly decided to take a flying leap over the back of the couch and over her flippin' crate (!!!) to reach me instead of taking the short, gentle drop to the floor in front of the couch. She also gave herself a scare, judging from the yelp she emitted on landing. Fortunately, nothing seems damaged. I have moved the crate away from the couch.

The first pup to be adopted, Deli, stopped by the SPCA today to say hi - her family is absolutely in love with her and she is doing very well. Major/Bo also continues to do well and is learning all about crates which will help keep him out of trouble and give him a safe "den" for those times he's not sitting on Don or Gerri's lap or following them around. (I am working on a blog entry on crates/crate training, as I've had questions from several people about this topic in the past couple of weeks).

Major Bo in his crate, sleeping on the magical quilt
(Photo courtesy of Gerri and Don)

And, remember that patio I worked so hard on last spring with my very brown thumb? Well, given Lucy's and Allie's tendency to get into anything Christmassy and see how fast they can destroy it, I opted to keep the vast majority of my Christmas decor out on the patio. Some greenery, red bows, and pine cones in the long planters,

some garland and holly and fake poinsettas in the pots,

and some lights and weather-safe ornaments on the big potted tree (the one I call Oliver's tree), and - voila - a very Christmassy scene to enjoy through the glass of my patio doors.

And - bonus - no evergreen needles all over the house!


Sheryl said...

Wishing you, Allie, Sadie, Charley and Lucy a very Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Jean to you and yours - The patio looks very festive and protected! ( I have the same problem with my crew and didnt put up my tree this year ) Maybe next year once everyone is just a little bit more grown up! Hugs from Katherine and Possum and Oliver and Misha xo

ruth said...

Merry Christmas, Jean, to you and your crew! May you have wonderfully relaxing holidays and a great year with new adventures ahead.
I so enjoy reading your blog entries and revel in living vicariously through you the puppyhood etc. - the next dog will most likely be an adult again ;)
Greetings from Seattle,