Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning, 2010

Six o'clock Christmas morning. It is quiet in the house, and dark in the village. I turn on the Christmas lights as I step outside, and I watch their many colours sparkling in the light rain that falls. It is a blustery day, but a warm one, a beautiful morning in its own West Coast way. Lucy is bouncing around my feet, childlike in her happiness, while Sadie and Charley slowly plod around the yard before heading back to the shelter of the house. I smile, and I gaze to the heavens as I whisper a heartfelt thank you to the Great Spirit that guides my life. I am richly blessed.

Christmas has always been a special time of year for me. When I was a child, no matter how tight things were financially, or how rough the year had been, my family always celebrated with music and worship, with overflowing stockings and presents under the tree, with turkey and Christmas pudding and mince tarts and trifle, with silly paper hats pulled from Christmas crackers, and funny party games like Squeak Piggy Squeak. But most of all we celebrated with love, with joy, and with togetherness.

Over the years, my Christmases have changed in form, but never in feeling. As we children grew and scattered across the country, family gatherings became less frequent, new traditions emerged, and the Christmases of my childhood became a memory. And I made a conscious choice to keep my Christmases simple.

And yet December 25th remains my favourite day of the year. It is a time when, no matter if I am with family or not, I feel a great sense of joy and love, a sense of belonging – to the people whom I love and who love me, to the Spirit which nurtures me, to the earth which sustains me in so many ways.

This Christmas day, as others frantically prepare their feasts and tear wrappings off presents, the dogs and I shall go for a walk along the beach, breathe in the salt air, watch the birds overhead and admire the shells at our feet. Then we shall return home, curl up in our favourite spots, and I shall listen to music, read a good book, cuddle my dogs, and graze my way through the day. It is how I wish to spend this Christmas. Simple, peaceful, cosy.

May you celebrate your day in the way that pleases you most.

Merry Christmas, everyone, from all of us to all of you.

Jean, Charley, Sadie, Allie, and the irrepressible Ms. Lucy.


Irene said...

Merry Christmas to you, Jean & your furry family.

Peace on earth and good will towards men ... ha! how far we have strayed; just look at the pushing & shoving & impatience at the malls on Dec. 24!!!

You are blessed to have calm & peace surrounding you on this special day.

King said...

Merry Christmas Jean, Charley, Sadie, Allie, and the irrepressible Ms. Lucy.

My Mom must have very similar beliefs about this time of year.

Again she fussed in the kitchen this year. She waited for the grandchildren to arrive. I could sense she was, how do I say this in your (people) words - "emotional" I pushed my heavy body into her legs, curled up behind her at her feet. Look up at her with knowing eyes and sighed a big sigh for her. It worked. She sat at my side and cried into my fur. I think its cuz she's happy she rescued me and Princess MollyDawg, and wishes my big sister could be here to share with us now. Soon, I told her, soon.

We too are richly blessed. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. Have a Safe, Warm and
Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Jean, reading your blog and having spoken with others on the subject, I am sensing a trend away from the hectic nonsense of a commercially-driven holiday to a more meaningful, serene day that allows individuals to celebrate in their own way, be it in quiet, solitary relfection or in the warmth of a gathering of family or friends. I also read a poll lately that indicated as many as 1/3 of Canadians are not participating in much gift-giving this year. Perhaps it is an indication of our country's diverse mix of faiths, or our "sluggish" economy, or perhaps, just perhaps, we are finally understanding the answer to that immortal question posed by Dr. Seuss's Grinch: "What if Christmas... doesn't come from a store?"

At our house, we spent a very quiet Christmas day much like yours, good books, good food, a walk in the park, and it was indeed wonderful.

Peace and good wishes to you and yours this Christmas.

Deb S. & crew