Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ohhhhh Lucy!

He's making a list
And checking it twice,
Gonna find out who's
Naughty or nice.......

And Ms. Lucy is going to be on the NAUGHTY list!

I usually try not to go out twice in one day. But after doing a shift at the theatre today, I had the opportunity to go on the Chemainus carol boat, singing Christmas carols as the Thetis Island Ferry took us around the bay and up towards Ladysmith, where more carol ships were circling past. I had been wanting to go, a friend had an extra ticket, and so I jumped at the chance.

I came home from the theatre, fed the dogs, took Ms. Lucy for a walk (her second of the day), played with her for a bit, and went back out. While Lucy does not care to be left at home, she generally just sits in an armchair by the window and waits for me to return, upon which she jumps and leaps and licks me to death.

Despite the torrential rain, I had a great time on the boat, and enjoyed the camaraderie of other drenched carolers as we sipped hot chocolate and sang to the words projected onto the side of the ferry. And then I returned home.

Perhaps it was the fact that it was dark out and the blinds were drawn so Lucy could not watch for my return. Perhaps it was because I had been out twice in one day, for a few hours each time. Perhaps it was just that she has truly become a mischievous, energetic, naughty young dog. But I knew I was in trouble the minute I opened the back door.

The chewed up red ribbons up and down the hallway gave her away. As did the pieces of plastic bag. And the stuffing and two ears from a Christmas teddy bear. The cards scattered on the floor, the cover dragged off the sofabed, the Christmas placemats decorating the rug, and the pieces of wrapping paper littering the floor were strategically placed to mask the pee stain on the dining room carpet.

Ohhhhh Lucy. What HAVE you been up to?????

And she didn't even have the grace to look embarrassed or sorry. She just jumped and leapt and licked me to death.


Linda Toews said...

As hard as she is to look after, I can't imagine how many other people would have the patience and love that you do to take on a dog like this. When she's adopted it's clear that she needs to go to someone who can spend a lot of time with her - and will have as much patience as you do Jean. You should be in line for a sainthood this year after Ms. Lucy and her 10 little squashes.

Anonymous said...

There must be something in the air. LOL
My friend just told her cat she was putting him in the "naughty corner" because he jumped up on the kitchen table. Bad Boy! Also, in Garfield this morning Jon called the Santa Naughty line to report Garfield. Garfield said, "with any luck he'll be on hold till January." HoHoHo
I'll vote for sainthood for Jean.

Anonymous said...

Hey, der is TWO udder dogs in this hows, and a cat. How come I getz all the blame???? Jest cuz I'm the youngest dozn't mean I made de mess!
It waz the catz fawlt.

Lucy, who belongs on Santa's NICE list.

hornblower said...

I think she's just making sure you don't feel too bored without the puppies.

Either that or she's being so bad that nobody else will want to adopt her & she'll get to stay with you for.ever. ;-)