Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sadie Stories

Dear readers. This is Sadie. I am going to write the blog for a few days because my mama is sick. She is bark-bark-barking nonstop. She is noisier than the sea lions we hear at night. Bark-bark-bark-bark-bark. And she’s always tellin’ ME to be quiet!!

Some of you may remember when I used to write a newspaper column called Sagacious Sadie. Now I am retired (just like my mama!) and taking life easy. I like retirement, but not when mama is sick because then we don’t even get to go to the offleash park and things get kinda boring. Well, except the other morning when we started to go to the seawalk and there were cops everywhere and yellow police tape blocking off all access. There was a suicidal man with a bunch of guns at the RV park near the seawalk and the police were here for hours and hours getting him to calm down. It all ended safely though. I think the man needs a dog or two or three, then he'd think life was worth living! Ya can't be blue with a canine crew! (Heheheheh - I'm a poet!)

Mama did take us down to the beach last night. It was a bootiful night, with the water all red and gold, and the mountains purple and pink.

We saw a river otter climb up on the wharf, right behind a group of children who were fishing. He was quite funny – I think he wanted the fish they had just caught. He was too far away for mama to get a photo though, especially as it was getting dark.

We stopped to talk to Benny's dad (Benny is a doggy friend of ours)and he told us there is a family of five river otters living in the brush where the creek runs into the ocean – a mama and papa and three babies. I hope our mama can get a picture of them with her camera some time soon. But that won’t happen as long as she’s lying on the couch barking.

Mama is eating frozen cubes of watermelon which help her stop barking. How come she doesn’t give me treats when I bark??? I don’t get it. And she doesn’t go to the vet, either, like we have to when we get sick. Double standard, that’s what I say. ‘Course, Oliver and Belle went to the vet and they died, so maybe I don’t want mama going there!

Get better soon, mama!!

Love, Sadie.

(c) 2010


Jen said...

Ah Sadie, much as I always like reading your posts, I hope your Mamma is back to feeling better really soon! You snuggle up to her and keep her nice and warm until she's back on her feet again!

Jen and the Black Dog Crew

Anonymous said...

Sadie you did a wonderful job with the blog entry.
You take good care of your Mamma so she can get back on her feet and stop barking.
It's too nice weather to be sick in.


Hunde Haus said...

Awwww, sorry you're not feeling well Jean. Get well quick!