Friday, August 27, 2010

The Teaser.....

I've just returned from several days on the mainland. Unfortunately, my usual in-home petsitter is no longer available, so the dogs had to come with me. Fortunately, my friend Deb, the artist who did my Caleb's portrait, welcomed us all to her home (even though it meant she had to carry Charley up and down stairs numerous times a day, as we discovered Charley can't do stairs any more - and I have a back problem that doesn't allow me to lift and carry her).

It was a very full week, with a trip to the piggy sanctuary, a herding dog pawty (honorary herding dogs included), and a meeting with my mom's caseworker to arrange her future care, as well as an outing to Deas Island Park with my mom and my dogs, and a few errands tucked in as well. I took approximately 350 photos. Stories and pics (not all 350!) will be forthcoming over the next few days. But here are a few teasers:

Sadie and Charley at Deas Island Regional Park



Ginger Snap

Charley and her piggy friend

And if you check out Deb's website, you will be able to see her beautiful portraits of four dogs you know through this blog - Else's dog Archie, Ellen's dogs Kinley and Cisco (who passed away last year), and of course my own sweet Caleb. Just click on this link to go right to the dog portraits' page.

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Anonymous said...

And there is our beautiful Caymus on the bottom corner of the page on the right...he has also passed since that portrait but it is so wonderful to have this beautifully done artwork of him hanging in a prominent spot in our home..thank you again Deb..