Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Sunny Sunday Sadie Report

By Sadie, reporter.

Well, my mama's cold is a lot better, but now she is in the final stage where the congestion is all gone but the bark bark bark is worse, especially when she lies down. So she sat in her chair in the living room all night long, barking barking barking right next to MY couch where I was trying to sleep. Hmmmph! I finally hoisted my fuzzy butt off the couch and stomped into her bedroom and slept on HER bed. That made mama laugh!

It is sooooo hot here. We spend the day indoors, where it isn't too bad with the blinds down and the fans going. In the evening we go for a nice walk and then come home to open up the windows and let the cooler air in. Charley and I are both blowing our coats - we did get groomed just last week, but still big tufts of fur suddenly appear sticking out of our coats, which mama just haz to pull out. We tell her she's pickin' on us, like a mama gorilla pulling nits off the babies! That makes her laugh, too.

Mama liked my little poetic line I wrote last entry, so I turned it into a poem for her:

Ya Can't Be Blue with a Canine Crew
By Sadie (c) 2010

Ya can’t be blue with a canine crew,
With dogs nearby to hound ya.
When you’re all stuffed up and you’ve got the flu
You need some dogs around ya!

Ya can’t be blue with a canine crew,
Even if your life’s a muddle.
When you’ve had enough and ya ain’t so tough,
We’ll lick yer face and cuddle.

Ya can’t be blue with a canine crew,
With wagging tails around ya,
Cuz fuzzy ears will dry those tears
When a crew of dogs surround ya.

Ya can’t be blue with a canine crew,
With our big brown eyes and wiggles.
We might eat your stew or chew your shoe
But we’ll give you lots of giggles.

Ya can’t be blue with a canine crew,
With furry friends beguiling.
Just have a smooch with your favourite pooch
And you’ll soon be back to smiling!

Well, that's all fer today. If mama stops coughing, she's going over to Auntie Karen's later, 'cuz our friend Goodfish is here for a visit. 'Member her? Mom wrote about her here. (Her name got changed to Alva for a little while, but her new mama and papa liked the name Goodfish, so that's what she's called.) If you live in New Westminster, you probably see her bounding along the Quay, saying hi to everyone she meets!

Yer pal, Sadie

(c) 2010.


Black Jack's Carol said...

Well, Sadie, you are doing a wonderful job of keeping us up to date on your Mama's progress. I can tell she's doing much better, because she was well enough to write that brilliant poem. I know that barking stage - it is a really annoying one, so just keep those snuggles and smooches coming. They're the best medicine of all!

hornblower said...

Sadie - steal the computer & write more! You're fab! Not that we don't want to hear from your human too, but really, the humans do tend to hog the internets, don't they?

Hunde Haus said...

LOVED LOVED the song!!!!

I was singing it to the melody of that song...:what do you get when you fall in love..."