Thursday, August 19, 2010


The light cloud cover and ocean breeze provides a welcome relief from the recent run of scorching hot weather. Yesterday, a friend and I sat outside our favourite little coffee place near the Crofton ferry dock, and watched the boats slip through the water and the birds soar overhead as we chatted away about the joys and challenges of writing and publishing. It was a great way to spend an hour or two and a welcome break after my self-imposed week of seclusion trying to keep from passing my nasty cold onto some poor unsuspecting person.

But breezes are not without their dark side - the cooling winds that I am enjoying are playing havoc with the terrible fires that are burning all over our province right now. I can't help but be concerned for pets that might be left behind as evacuation orders go into effect. I particularly worry about Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue, situated midway between Houston and Burns Lake, fires burning on either side of them. I check the fire map daily and wonder how they would get out, with all those animals, should the need arise. Stay safe, Yvette and crew!

Speaking of Turtle Gardens, don't forget to click on the purple Shelter Challenge button to the side of this blog, and vote daily. It is the last few days of this round, and Turtle Gardens is just one placement away from a $1000 prize. Please vote everyday - let's move them up to that winning spot!

And also speaking of Turtle Gardens, I took this photo of Karen's dog Amie when I was visiting with Goodfish on Sunday. Amie was formerly from Turtle Gardens.


And here's a few more of my favourite shots from Sunday:

Drew (another of Karen's dogs)

Hugo (one of Else's dogs)

Quinn (another of Karen's crew)

and another of Quinn - because he's so photogenic!

And one final one of happy, happy Goodfish!

I am thankful that here in the Cowichan Valley we have no fire raging nearby. May the Great Spirit keep the firefighters, homeowners, and all the critters in the burning parts of our province safe from its fury.

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Patience-please said...

Oh please stay safe! Lovely post and lovely dogs..