Monday, August 16, 2010

Quite Possibly The Sweetest Dog on Earth

(But please don't tell Sadie and Charley, because I tell them THEY are the sweetest dogs on earth)

What do you get when you take these ears

and this nose

and these eyes

and this cute little peach patch on the top of the head

and this beautiful speckled peach and white fur

and this tail

and this tongue

and this head

and this smile

And you put them all together in one medium sized, soft, sweet package?

You get this cute, happy, wiggly, slightly shy but very social, beautifully raised, and very very loved Goodfish.

Yes, I slipped over to Karen's yesterday afternoon for a short while in order to say hi to Goodfish's adoptive parents and photograph Karen's former foster pup who was originally found near death up north (near Goodfish Lake, hence the name), was saved by a good hearted man and a patient vet, travelled around the bush of two provinces and a territory enroute down south, joined us on our Wednesday Walks, and eventually was adopted to a stellar home with Eunice and Leslie. Their love for Goodfish is obvious, as is her love for them.

Karen has a lovely piece of property with a huge, huge yard for the dogs to play in. It backs onto open fields with a view of the Mt. Sicker. We sat in the shade of some trees and enjoyed the light breeze which wafted across the open fields on an otherwise very hot day.

I only stayed a short while as I knew my brief respite from coughing wouldn't last long, but in that short while I took over 300 photos. I have spent the last 12 hours trying to choose my favourites. Here's a few more:

Goodfish is likely a yellow lab/sharpei cross. There are times she looks so much like my Emma it hurts,

and at other times one can clearly see the sharpei in her face (as well as in her curly tail).

No matter what her breed, she is quite possibly the sweetest dog on earth.

Thank you, Eric for rescuing her, Karen and Norm for fostering her, and Eunice and Leslie for adopting her. Each of you played a big role in saving her life, teaching her manners, caring for her, and loving her. She is one very, very lucky pup.


JRM said...

Awwwwwww! I'm not sure if it's the angle she likes to hold her head or if it's slightly asymmetrical, but I just love that skull along with the rest of her! Her sweetness just comes right through the screen.

Anonymous said...

Jean you got some lovely pictures of Goodfish and they sure captured her personality to a T.
Eunice and Leslie got a wonderfl dog and Goodfish got a wonderful home. It was such a joy to see them all again.


Jean said...

JRM, yes her face is slightly asymmetrical. One of the injuries she sustained before her rescue was likely a broken jaw. While she was in foster care, a loose bone chip (which had caused a chronic infection) was removed, likely the remnants of whatever injury caused the asymmetry.

I think it just makes her all the more adorable! LOL

EvenSong said...

Although I am a sucker for a lol-tongued, smilely-faced doggie, that swirl of a tail just sucked me right into Goodfish's vortex of friendly! What a sweetie!

Eunice said...

Jean - Thanks for the pictures!! You have such a great eye.

We ended up catching the last ferry back. Goodfish was snoring in the back of our car while we were waiting. She had a busy day. :)

Goodfish is a great example of how a community of people can get together and make a positive impact in the world. We are very blessed to have her in our lives.


Hunde Haus said...

I like the second photo past the tail pic. It reminds me very much of a pitty from years gone by.

Great photos Jean!

Leslie said...

I still love this article & pictures of Goodfish.

Jean said...

Leslie! Assuming you are the same Leslie who adopted Goodfish - how is he doing????? Wow, hard to believe it was 2010 when I took those photos.