Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All I can say is.........


(I'll give you a hint: It's NOT dandruff!)

I think Belle has the right idea:

Unfortunately a nap is NOT on my agenda. I have to go to work, and then come home to clean the garage tonight in case we need to turn it into an operating theatre for Martin's big snip on Friday. The vet prefers to do it outside, but somehow I don't think muddy pasture and/or fluffy white stuff are what he had in mind.

Swamped, swamped, swamped......only one more week of classes after tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Belle definitely has the right idea. This snow has got to be some kind of a cruel April Fool's Day joke! Ha-ha, very funny.... NOT!

However, I must admit I'm finding it hard to feel sorry for someone who has only one more week of work to go. ;-D Maybe that can be your mantra as you clean the garage: "just one more week, just one more week, just one more week". That would certainly help keep me going!

Hoping for better weather,
Deb & Riley

Anonymous said...

I'm with you !! Boooooo snow! Enough already. We will be sending positive thoughts this week for Martin. Hope your day wasn't too terrible. (the snow only lasted an hour or so here in Courtenay)

:o) Katherine and Possum

PS - I think Oliver is one of the most photogenic dogs I have ever seen.

mike said...

that's fairy dust, that's all it is!!

Jean said...

Well, the "fairy dust" was gone by the time I got home - thank goodness. My get-up-and-go had also gotten-up-and-gone, so the garage didn't get done. Good thing I don't go into work until noon tomorrow!

Katherine, I agree Oliver is very photogenic - and he just stands at my feet staring at the camera. He's such a sweetie!

Deb, I only have one more week of classes, but I do still have a little over a month of work - final exams to make up, and over a hundred term papers to mark and a hundred final exams to mark. So I guess the mantra will be "just one more month..."! But then I will be FREEEEEEEEEE!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Yup, snow here too, yesterday morning, and I was NOT impressed. Fortunately, it didn't stick. Martin will be on my mind tomorrow. One of those things it will be nice to have over with. You are so close now. You must be just about able to taste the freedom!