Friday, March 27, 2009

The Week in Review

What a mixed bag of weather this week - hail and winds so strong the boughs fell from trees, sunshine and an afternoon so warm I didn't need a jacket or even a sweater, icy temperatures so cold that the piggy's water dishes froze, and finally the obligatory Wet Coast rain.

Signs of spring are slowly emerging, as buds swell on trees and crocuses and daffodils pop up in unexpected places.

The fish are back in the creek, attracting herons to the pasture. Mallards are mating, checking out the pond next door for potential nesting spots. Bird songs fill the air as we walk the pasture. Robins are busy nesting - I counted eleven in the yard one morning.

In the pasture, they are busy gathering the alpaca fiber from the pathway, and the soft, soft fleece along the fence from the llama next door - such a luxurious lining for their nests!

Janice from Hearts on Noses delivered pig feed one day while I was at work (thanks, Janice!). She left behind some treats - dog cookies - for the pigs. One evening I sprinkled some liberally among some hay in the piggy yard. Sadie and Charley could obviously smell the cookies, because they would not leave that spot along the fence when I took them into the pasture for our evening walk.

Charley was quite determined to get those cookies!

And first thing next morning, Charley headed straight back to the same spot to see if the pigsters had left any:

The ever-changing weather and the lengthening day has produced some interesting light but few opportunities to capture sunrises or sunsets. Still, I cherish my morning and evening walks in the pasture, the dogs by my side.

I cherish the beautiful views, the smell of the damp earth and sweet hay, the quiet swoooosh of the creek now high with spring runoff. I cherish the squeals of the piggies as they awaken in the morning and the soft grunts and oinks and hums as they settle for the night. Those mornings, those nights, outdoors with my critters, are always the best part of my day. They are memory-making moments that I will forever hold in my heart. Leaving this little piece of heaven may be the hardest thing I have ever done.


dp said...

I felt that way about our home in Vancouver. A 1905 beater that we lovingly and painstakingly renovated so that it fit us like a glove. For a long time we considered having it moved to a property in the valley.

But our new place is awesome just like your new place is going to be awesome. Just too bad that you can't bring the alpaca and the pigs...

tomatse: itsy tomatoes

Black Jack's Carol said...

You've highlighted (beautifully, I might add) so many of the positives in "your little piece of heaven" but think back, Jean, to the snow woes of this past winter. That should make the transition a bit easier:) And Martin will be close by, so maybe missing the pigs will be your greatest challenge in adapting to new life. As someone who has moved around quite a bit, I've learned to enjoy the memories, but also appreciate the new stimulation. Your brain and heart will be in discovery mode. I imagine you'll stay in touch with Janice, and visit every once in a while. Right?

Janice Gillett said...

Gosh i feel like crying when i read this and i'm not going anywhere..

She doesn't think i saw that shed out back of her new digs and i am secretly plotting ...

Jean said...

Carol and dp - thanks for putting it into perspective. I have also moved several times in my life, but this is the place I loved the best........until I remember three feet of snow on the long, inclined driveway, frozen water in winter and no water in summer, and other "inconveniences" that translated into darn hard work that I'd prefer not to do post-retirement! And, of course, there is the insecurity of not owning this place - I have never been comfortable renting; the rug can be pulled out from under the tenant so quickly! So, without any lottery winnings, I am doing what must be done - buying something that I can afford and can look after by myself, and packing my memories very firmly in my heart.

Janice, I TOLD Oliver not to publish that picture of the shed! I better not find any piggies in it- I'm already over the allowable number of critters for the town! LOL