Saturday, April 25, 2009

Little Orphan Eggy

Nestled in the grass on a warm spring morning lay a little blue robin's egg. No trees nearby, no nests for it to have been tossed from, poor little egg looked as if it had just popped out if its mama's body mid-flight and landed on the soft, dewy pasture grass.

I recall similar discoveries last year at this time, when I found at least a half dozen orphaned blue eggs in the space of about three weeks. Some were lying on the grass in the middle of nowhere, some were beneath bare, nest-less trees as if mama had stopped to rest and delivered her load.

At the time, I researched the topic on the internet. I learned that sometimes mama will come back for a lost or fallen egg. But no mama ever did.

Perhaps the crows and stellar jays stole the eggs from the nests and the smooth, oval jewels slipped from their beaks as they winged across the sky persued by angry robins. Perhaps mama robin overproduced or sensed something wrong with this one, abandoning it to become some other critter's lunch. Whatever the cause of its lonely existence, I shall leave it there for Mother Nature to do as she intended - biodiversity at its finest as nature nourishes nature.

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Black Jack's Carol said...

I've never found an egg, ever. Just fragments. It seems sad to leave it there, but I think you're right. The less we interfere with nature, the better. Sad but beautiful post.