Thursday, April 23, 2009

Princess Belle - for Deb

Deb Strong of Cat and Mouse Designs, the artist who created the wonderful portrait of my Caleb, fostered Belle before I applied to adopt her. In an email the other day, she mentioned that there haven't been many photos of Belle on my blog recently. Of course, Princess Belle immediately demanded I correct that oversight.

So here, Deb, for you, is a day in the life of Princess Belle:

Hi Auntie Deb! It's me, Belle! Come along on my day!

First I have to have my breakfast:

My mama says I'm a little piggy. Now, I ask you, do I look like this?????:

After breakfast, it's time for a little stroll:

Of course, I have to take my entourage with me:

That Oliver! Sometimes I have to give him a little shove with the shoulder. Nice boy, but he doesn't know his place. Princesses walk by themselves - the guards in front, the peons behind!:

But I'm a gracious Princess. So sometimes I let the commoners play in the Royal Pasture, in my presence. They can be quite entertaining. This is Sadie doing her Houdini impression:

I have a little sitdown at the top of the hill:

And a little meditation, watching the grass grow or a leaf fall:

And finally, back to the Royal Crate for a nice little snooze.:



Anonymous said...

Oh Princess Belle, thank you for sharing your day and gracing us commoners with photos of your royal countenance once again. You are looking very well and quite youthful! Seeing you this morning brought a big smile to my face that will carry me through the day.

Your ever grateful servant,

Anonymous said...

Belle, you are lovely beyond words. You really are.

Thanks Jean for featuring your diva (and Deb for asking)!