Monday, April 27, 2009

Mama, Where ARE weeeee??????

Whisper: What is this place, Mama Soda? This isn’t my barn. This isn’t my yard. This isn’t my foster mama.

Soda: I know, little boy pig. We are on a new adventure now with new responsibilities. We must be brave. Foster Mama said we will be safe and loved and well fed here. Trust her.

Whisper: New res-pons-i-bilities? Whatz them?

Soda: Foster mama said we are now V.I.P.s – Very Important Pigs. We are the very first piggies people coming to the sanctuary will meet. People walking by who don’t even know about potbellied pigs will also see us. Our job is to be ambassadors and greeters, so everyone will know how wonderful potbellied pigs are.

Whisper: Ohhhhhhh.... I'm a GREETER!!! Is this place Walmart????????? I heard about Walmart when I snuck in Foster Mama’s house to watch the telebishon.

Soda: No, not Walmart. This is more special than Walmart. This is Hearts on Noses Pig Sanctuary.

Ohhhh....Now I ‘member. Foster Mama told us all about this place, and this is where the Piggy Lady lives.

Soda: That’s right. And a sanctuary needs lots of volunteers, and it needs financial support to pay for our grains and our produce and our medicines and our houses and our hay. So you have to look your very cutest and be your very most social, friendly self so lots of people who come here or pass by will want to help all our new piggy friends here.

Whisper: Ha ha ha I’m real good at being friendly. Especially if the people bring strawberries or peanuts or vegetetables. If they sit quietly, I’ll even let them rubs my tummy!

Soda: That’s a good boy, Whisper. Now you and RobRoy and Fizzy go play until your work begins.

Whisper: Okay, Mama Soda. But mama? I miss Foster Mama. She better come visits us!

Soda: She will, Whisper, she will.


ruth said...

Jean, is amazing how I am all teared up about twelve little piggies that live in BC, and that just moved from one wonderful place to another.
Big hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that they had an uneventful trip and all went well, and are now settling into their new digs.
Jan you did a great job raising them to be happy self confident piggies.
Wal Mart doesn't know what they are missing by not haveing them be greeters.


mike said...

this post made me cry.
I hope they feel at home in their new place soon, and that all the love and confidence you've instilled in them will help them adjust quickly.

I did cry though, it's so hard when you can't explain what's happening to them, isn't it?