Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's awfully quiet in the barn tonight

I went out to the barn for Martin's grain and hay, and I'm sure I heard the rustlings and soft breathing of piggies in the stall. No doubt it was just a mouse or a bird fluttering around, but I found myself having a quick look ....just to make sure. Nope, no lost little piggies - the barn is achingly empty.

The transport went well - much better than we could have ever hoped for - and the piggies are now safely settling into their new home at Hearts on Noses Sanctuary. Photos and stories are forthcoming, but for the next 24 hours or so I must devote all my time and attention to marking end-of-term papers.

Thanks, everyone, for your positive vibes and warm wishes.


Choo/Irene said...

I've loved reading your blog about the dogs, piggies & Martin, etc. Guess this is an end of one era and the beginning of the next. Thank you, Jean for sharing a little of your world with me. Best wishes in the next phase of your life!

Irene (from Brindle)

mike said...

extra big ((((((((((((hug)))))))))) for you Jean!
We thought about you all day, just saw the pictures of the family in their new digs up on the Hearts on Noses website, and hope all of you have a good night's sleep after this big adventure.

You have been a super foster momma! And you have taught me a lot about pigs by sharing all the stories in your blog!
I'm going to miss your piggy stories but very selfishly hope this will not be the end of your blogging!

Dawnie said...

There is something so endearing about the piggies. From the first moment I read your blog they captured my heart. They made me laugh and smile with their antics. I so enjoyed when you let them write the blog, hehehe. Scotch, Soda, and the bunch were so fortunate to have you as a foster Momma. You took them in and showed them patience and caring. And the love you gave them...they've carried that with them to their new home. Your blog entry has me misty eyed. Goodbyes always hurt the heart. I hope yours mends quickly. I wish you all well. Thank you for sharing your wonderful piggy tales :-)

Anonymous said...

Like the others my thoughts were with you yesterday. Exactly at 8:30 my thoughts went to Ellen and what a good support she has been for you. I mentally sent her thanks and wishes that she sense how best to help you. Then again at 9:30 I suddenly stopped reading,looked at the time and thought of the pigs and tried to send them soothing messages. I'm not good at this kind of thing -better in person. So sorry I couldn't be there.

Big Sis

Janice Gillett said...

This move was so much differnt from ones that i am used too. the "rescue" occured almsot two years ago with Jean being thier savior. I did not bring in 12 fearful abused or starving pigs. These pigs have arrived from a place where they were loved and spoiled.

There is no way for me to thank jean for all that she has done and the sacrifces she is still making for them today. I have no idea what it would be like to go threw so much from babies being born there and then to give them all up two years later ..and all on the same day.

Jeans little Whisper had me dropping tears all over his bristles this morning as these little ones come to grips with leaving all that they knew.

I tried to reassure them all that i would try and do as good a jobs as there Foster Mom did , that i loved them too.

So this morning there first day here has me in tears while they have had there bagels and are eating fresh hay.

And while your heart mends Jean please let pride step in because if not for you they would not be the pigs they are today.

Thank you from me but more so from the pigs Jean and there is no doubt in my mind they are senidng you messages on the wind today and saying 'we love you and thank you"