Thursday, April 2, 2009

The World at Eight

Everybody please chant together: SUN SUN SUN SUN SUN SUN......

There is no way Martin's pen will be dry for his surgery tomorrow unless the sun comes out today and returns again tomorrow.

I'm off to scrub up the garage as best I can, in hopes that the vet is willing to do it there instead. Not the best alternative (cold hard concrete floor and poor light) but not as dusty as the barn (and not inhabited by twelve piggies).

Will spring ever come?


Anonymous said...

Yes Jean spring will come at some time, we just arn't sure when Aug maybe??? The last snowfall last year here on the Island was April 16th. I think the weather is going crazy.
Jean would putting down a layer of straw in the field for Martin to lay on and keep him off the mud for his operation be and option.


Jean said...

Else, I know they don't like to do surgery in the barn because of the dust/airborne dirt - most of which comes from the straw, I think! He does have his shelter which has straw on the floor, and that is where we will have to corner him to put a halter on, so I'm hoping we can just do it right there.

As for spring, I usually don't mind those funny little April and even May snowfalls that sometimes happen. I think this year it has just been the continual snow and cold that is getting to me - we usually have had some lovely spring weather by now. Just up the road from me, on the way to the dump, there are whole yards that are still covered with snow and have not seen grass since December. Weather patterns here in southwestern BC are certainly changing! And not for the better!

Chasing The Dog said...

Ohh, I hope they're able snip Martin tomorrow!

Janice Gillett said...

Good luck today!!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and Martin today, Jean. At least it is sunny.


mike said...

thinking of you and Martin and hope all goes smooth and as planned!
It's sunny here too so keeping our fingers crossed for good weather in your area!

Jean said...

Unbelievably, we got him into his stall AND got the halter on with NO problem!!! WHEW! Now we just have to wait for the vet, who will be here this afternoon.
And yes, it is sort of sunny here too.