Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I'll be back.....

A couple of days ago, I dumped a large mug of coffee right into my primary computer (a laptop) and it is fried.  Fortunately, I have another laptop that my nephew gave me a while back and which I've been using for some bits and pieces to save space on my very-full-and-on-its-last-legs primary unit.  Unfortunately, I don't have the same programs on it and I'm a little lost. Also unfortunately, I lost all my email addresses and a considerable number of photos, and my external hard drive automatic backup on my primary computer hasn't been working since January.  Shoot, I knew I should have taken care of this soon.  Oh well, mustn't cry over spilled coffee.  At least I am now forced to upgrade, back up, seek professional help.

With the big SPCA garage sale this weekend and my next four days completely booked with that, I won't be doing anything about finding a techy to try to retrieve the coffee-laden hard drive nor to set up this one with my photo editing and writing programs until later next week.  Time for a little vacation from blogging.

Meanwhile, see you at the Cowichan Exhibition grounds for the biggest and best garage sale the island has ever seen!

Photo: We're in the final stretch - The BC SPCA Cowichan & District Branch Gigantic Garage Sale is only 9 days away.  Donations are now closed, and we are doing the final packing and organizing.  You won't want to miss it!

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Dawn said...

Missing you, Jean!