Sunday, May 25, 2014

Shiloh and friends

Shiloh is feeling a little sorry for herself as she developed a hematoma on her ear (likely related to her neurological issues which affect that side of her head and cause her to frantically bash her head along the floor or furniture on occasion).  Yesterday we had to go to the vet's to have it aspirated. Hopefully the ear will now heal itself and no further more invasive procedures will be needed.  She goes back for a recheck and some blood work on Tuesday.

I reminded her that the vet is her friend, but she didn't believe me.  She says friends don't stick needles in you.  She likes her other friends better, like the ones that came to her birthday party earlier this month:


It's hard for humans to enjoy a feast
when the canine guests are taller
than the table!

Keaghan obediently waits for
the humans to finish eating.

And she likes human friends who visit her and give her cuddles instead of needles.  Recently, our Sheltie Rescue friend Joanne and her daughter Julie, who fostered Shiloh for the first month of her new life last fall, came for a visit.  They were happy to see how healthy she was (this was before the hematoma appeared!), and Shiloh was happy to see them.  I think she remembered them and certainly didn't hesitate to snuggle with Julie and give her little sheltie kisses.  It was a great opportunity for me to get some shots of Shiloh's beautiful face without her walking right into the camera:

I remembers you!

Look mama! It's mah cuddle friend!

I likes her much better
than mah vet!

Shiloh's beautiful face

There's one more friend in Shiloh's life too:

Ah has a new friend!

It's a Shiloh mini-me!  I couldn't resist getting it for her for her birthday as it looks so much like her except for the completely white nose.  Her mini-me is very well behaved and quiet, and best of all will never develop a hematoma.

He can kiss mah ear all better!


Anonymous said...

Shiloh sure is a beauty. Hope that ear heals up quickly for her.

Anonymous said...

I hope your ear gets better soon Shiloh. I love your new little friend.


Anonymous said...

Great photos.. What a dear little face Shilo has. I can see why you love her so much.