Monday, May 12, 2014

How to Wake a Sleeping Princess

Yesterday was Shiloh's sixteenth birthday.  It was also Mother's Day and my daughter had flown in for the weekend.  And it was my good friend Else's birthday.  It was a busy day - from the moment Shiloh awoke until the garden pawty with her human and doggy friends in the late afternoon.  

Pawty Time!

By the time we brought out the canine 'birthday cupcakes' (yogurt, frozen with dog cookies in them), she was already asleep in her bed.  Of course, I couldn't let sleeping dogs lie - not on her birthday!  I can't resist sharing this series of photos, even though they are terribly out of focus.  Here's how you wake a sleeping princess:

Place birthday treats and tiara next to princess.

Place tiara on head
(because princesses should always be dressed for
their birthday photographs)

Shiloh:  "Ohhhh!  Treats!"
(note tiara tumbling off  to left of photo)

For me?????
Wow, thank you!

It is the first photo I have ever captured of her 'happy face', and as blurry as it is, I'll be keeping it forever. 

Happy sixteenth birthday my sweet girl.  Though you have been with me for only six months, you have brought me so much joy and I love you so very much.  


CarolineA said...

What a sweet smile! Happy birthday Shiloh!

Marie said...

Happy Birthday, Shiloh! You are one lucky girl to have such a nice pawty! Such a happy face!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love Shiloh's happy face. Happy Birthday you sweet old girl!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Talk about a match made in Heaven :) As for Shiloh's smile, it absolutely warmed my heart this morning, Jean!

Anonymous said...

Adorable.. She's very sweet, and grateful for her newfound, well deserved princess status !!!

Sheryl said...

Happy(belated)Birthday to a happy girl!