Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mainland Trip: Part one - A dog and two cats

Last week, I went to the mainland to see my family in Vancouver.  Before heading to my brother's, however, I made a quick side trip out to the Fraser Valley to visit Emma and her dad.  They showed me Emma's favourite trick - catching pieces of kibble mid-air.  Emma was very skilled at this;  I was less skilled at catching it on camera.  Instead I ended up with this:

Later, Emma and I went through her paces (the commands I had taught her as a pup) in their beautiful back yard where the trees were in bloom:

My dogs could take some lessons from Emma.  She has a far better 'stay' than all of them put together.  Or perhaps she just knows how beautiful she is and likes to have her picture taken:

April 2014

Then, on to my brother's for a couple of days.  The day before I left the island,  I purchased two catnip toys for his cats, Rina and Clancy.  Unfortunately, Allie  jumped up on the table, opened the cloth bag, pulled out the package, ate through the plastic wrapper, and absconded with one of the toys (I found it yesterday, underneath my couch).  So Rina and Clancy were expected to share:

Clancy:  Num num num

Back off, Rina - it's mine!

Rina:  Auntie Jeeeaaaaan......

Rina:  Maybe my toy is still in Auntie Jean's purse

What?  You only brought ONE?

Clancy:  Pfffttttt!

Nom nom nom

Rina:  I can't believe she only brought ONE.
And  Clancy won't share!

Rina soon got over it, though, and forgave her brother for hogging the toy.


I enjoyed their company and the distraction they provided as I sorted through the last of mom's belongings, including all 28 photograph albums.  Clancy was more outgoing and adventurous than Rina, but both proved very photogenic:

Clancy:  Hey Auntie Jean, lookit me!


Rina:  My brother's crazy.

Rina and Clancy

Rina:  Is she finished yet?
Clancy:  I think she's looking at the view. 

It was difficult to choose my favourite shot, but I think this one of Clancy and the photoalbums is a top contender:

(c) Jean Ballard 2014

Stay tuned for Part Two - birds, ducks, and a big surprise at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of two beautiful cats and I must say your brother has a lovely view.


EvenSong said...

Monorail Cat!!
(Very pretty kitties!)

King said...

Hey GREAT tongue shots!! Even if one is a C.A.T's
OKAY, OKAY! Mom said "Behave!"
THE CAT'S PHOTOS ARE MAGNIFICENT Aunty Jean. As usual, Well done (Y)