Thursday, June 12, 2014

Just touching base

When my mom was alive and was still able to use the phone, she would sometimes start her call to me with "Just thought I'd touch base with you".  In my infrequent emails to my daughter, I often find myself starting with "Just a note to touch base".  So after not blogging for three weeks, but not being motivated to write or post much, I figured I should at least "just touch base" with my readers.

The SPCA garage sale was a huge success - we raised a total of $42,800, all for our local animals.

16,000 square feet of gently used merchandise!

I still have done nothing about fixing the computer I spilled coffee on.  So I still access email by remote, can't do all the stuff with my photos that I'd like to do, and don't have my writing programs on this laptop.

But that's okay, because weekend before last I had a horrific case of bursitis in my shoulder - something I've not had before - and ended up in emergency unable to move my arm one iota.  A cortisone shot, some tylonel 3s and several days later, I can type again, but I'm limiting it to a few minutes a day - pretty much just checking email and facebook. It is, of course, my RIGHT arm, so while it was immobilized I compensated with my left arm and now have a back ache too. And, of course, my garden is still not finished.

I did paint the shed door I built
before my shoulder gave out!  

But that's okay, because I have more pressing matters on my mind - my Sweet Shiloh has been very sick. She has internal bleeding for which the vets have been unable to find the cause despite my emptying my savings account into their office coffers. I've decided not to put Shiloh through any more tests and we are just taking it a day at a time.

Ah hope ah get some sym-pa-thy!  

And therefore tonight I cancelled the vacation I was supposed to take next week - my annual camping trip with my friends on the mainland.  It wouldn't be fair to leave a petsitter with the responsibility of making life-and-death decisions for Shiloh.

So... please excuse me if I continue to not blog for a while.  It's all a little overwhelming.

I make no promises about posting for the rest of this month, but this I will say:   On July 1st, I will publish my annual Canada Day post featuring my best photos of the last 12 months.  Or at least up to a few months ago when I spilled coffee on the ones I hadn't backed up.  But whatever I can salvage, I'm sure the post will celebrate our nation in true Life with the Critters style.

Sunrise from my back yard

Meanwhile, please keep Shiloh in your thoughts.



Anonymous said...

Sending love and hope your way for Shiloh

Anonymous said...

Good news about the money raised for the animals....That's a decent sum.
Best wishes to you and and your darling Shilo... I hope you are both feeling much better very soon!

Marie said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your critters, especially Shiloh at this particularly difficult time.

Dawn said...

Jean, what a difficult time you are having! The "take" from the garage sale is very impressive. I remember when it was still held at the SPCA. I'm sure having the fairgrounds available makes for an even bigger event.

Best wishes for your shoulder. I will keep you and Shiloh in my prayers.

Cathy said...

Sorry to hear that you are in a bad period right now. I send my best wishes and positive vibes.

Anonymous said...

As much as I miss reading your blog, please take all the time you and Shiloh need. My thoughts are with you both. Barb H

Anonymous said...

Healing vibes winging to you and Shiloh. Take the time of to heal your shoulder. Call me if you need anything.


Unknown said...

Healing prayers for you and Shiloh.. poor little girl, she's had a tough road, but she has you on her side to make the right decisions for her and to just be with her through it all, that's what counts
take care of yourself

Sheryl said...

Sending good and healing wishes for you and Shiloh.

Phab Guy said...

Hi Jean. Maybe I can help recover your photos from your dead PC. Spilling coffee can kill the circuit but the hard drive might still be good. Email me bag at Grigor dot org.

CarolineA said...

Keeping Shiloh in my thoughts for sure!
And keeping you in my thoughts too!

Lee-Anne Currie said...

My prayers for you and Shiloh and the rest of your beautiful family.Take care

CarolineA said...

Just touching base, hope all is ok at your end

Anonymous said...

Just checking in. I read your blog all the time and so enjoy it. Hope Shiloh is doing better!