Thursday, November 28, 2013

The noses at Hearts on Noses

A few more pics from my last trip to Hearts on Noses.

For the past couple of years, the winning photographic shot in the Domestic Animals category at the Cowichan Exhibition has been a photo of a horse's nose - in fact, one year both first and second prizes went to horses' noses.  So this year I was photographing horses' noses.  This fall I finally won first prize in the Advanced domestic animals category - ironically, with a photo of a dog! (It was the first photo in this post). But I'm still taking shots of horses' noses, and here are Dior and Lacey, the two sanctuary horses:

Dior's nose

Lacey's nose

Dior and Lacey

Not to be left out, one of the new piggies (whose name I can't remember) wanted to make sure I got not only the nose but the tongue:

I'm much funnier than a horse's nose!

And, of course, then the other piggies had to show me their beautiful noses:

And not to be outdone, Chilco the dog had to get in on the photoshoot too:

I haz a mighty fine nose!
It can smell treats from a mile away!

Janice, the owner of Hearts on Noses, has had some serious heart problems lately - not hearts on pigs noses, but her own heart.  She is now awaiting either a triple bypass or the addition or repair of  stents that were placed there a couple of months ago. In order to sustain the sanctuary during this difficult time, she can use all the volunteer help and donations she can get.  Check out her website or her facebook page in order to find out how to help.  Hearts on Noses is located in Mission, BC.

And if you are on the island - my friends Gail and Jenn are heading over to Hearts on Noses on Saturday Dec 7th to participate in a work party.  They hope to have the truck loaded with donations of apples, carrots, Mazuri Exotic Pig Feed, wool blankets, squash, alfalfa, and cash.  Pickup or transport of donations from other areas of the island may be possible - email me using the contact on this blog or via facebook and I'll relay the message to them.

The noses at Hearts on Noses will be most appreciative.

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