Sunday, November 17, 2013

And today's smile-maker is......

With a very cold wind blowing, and Shiloh having no fat on her bones and only a thin coat of hair, I thought I would look through the dog supplies to see if I had a sweater to fit her.  I already have a raincoat for her, though I had to get my sewing neighbour, Mary, to adjust the belly strap which went around Shiloh's skinny little ribcage twice (thanks, Mary!).

So, I looked for a long, skinny sweater, and this was the closest I could find to her size.  A wee bit too small, but she was very cooperative and I couldn't resist taking pictures. I do believe red is her colour!

Aw shucks!

I hope I get a treat for this!


Lady May said...

We ALL think you should too Shiloh!
You're looking pretty styling!
Wooo Hooo

Anonymous said...

Ah such a pretty girl..hard to believe inside lies a Cat least she is too old to really get up a head of steam or so we hope..

Sheryl said...

I love the red sweater on her! And, with her white feet, she looks like she has white snow boots on, too. Very cute!

Unknown said...

She really is styling in red !
and she has a spark in her eye now, that wasn't there before, she's waking up to her new life, she couldn't have landed in a better place !! she's really lovely Jean.

Anonymous said...

She look lovely in red.