Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sneaky Pig

When I was on the mainland this month for mom's funeral, I popped into Hearts on Noses Potbellied Pig Sanctuary to say hello to the owner Janice and to the 12 pigs I once fostered. The pigs were resting in their houses when I arrived, but I had treats so I figured they wouldn't mind being disturbed.

I went into their pen and tossed a tomato, one of their favourite fruits, near the door to their house as I softly called out the familiar "Piggy piggy piggy!" just as I used to do when it was dinner time at the barn.  Immediately one of them - Whisper, I think - came out to say hello. 

But watch closely what happens to the tomato, just to the right of the door:  

Hi, Former Foster Mama!
I thought I heard your voice!
Didya bring me a treat, didya, didya?

Me:  Look to the side, silly piggy!

Huh?  What?

Where?  What?

I'm sure I smell tomatoes! 
Did you see it? In the third picture?   I have no idea whose little snout that was that stole the tomato, but he sure did a sneaky job of it!  Fortunately, I had lots more and soon all the pigs came out for a visit.  

More pics of my pals at Hearts on Noses tomorrow. 


Patience-please said...

This is delightful on so many levels!!!

Anonymous said...

That sequence of pictures is hilarious. Thank you for a good laugh this morning!

Unknown said...

Ha! Thanks so much for my morning smile Jean.

Sheryl said...

It's good to see the piggies, again.

I do so miss your piggy stories!

Caroline A said...

That is too funny!
Made my entire day! Thanks for sharing :)