Friday, November 15, 2013

Full House or Royal Flush?

My little house is bursting its canine seams right now.  We have:

Princess Mitzi

Princess Shiloh
who is adjusting very, very well
(except for her cat-chasing episodes)

Princess Chelsea Dawn
who is staying with us for the next week

HRH Princess Riley
(In most unprincessly pose, falling off the bed)
who is staying with us for the next month or so.
Seen here with her shadow, Princess Shiloh

And, of course, HRH Prince Eddie

Fortunately, despite their airs of royalty, they all get along very well.  I normally consider four dogs at one time to be my limit, but had already committed to looking after Riley and Chelsea before I knew Shiloh was in my future.  Riley and Chelsea have both been here several times before, so I knew them to be very easy and well mannered guests, hence no concerns about having two visiting dogs at one time.  But Royal Attitudes are certainly apparent - I am clearly the lowly servant, here only to serve their food, open doors, brush their hair, fluff their beds, escort them on walks........ in other words, be at their beck and call.

The only chaotic times are first thing in the morning, meal times, and bedtime - it is all just a matter of getting each dog in/out/to their own feeding space/to their own bed without all of the others trying to beat them to the punch, and without the stronger or bigger dogs knocking over the smaller or frailer ones.  Really, the only dog that is a real challenge is Anxious, Excitable, Foodaholic Eddie.  The rest are really very calm.  In between the chaotic times, you would never know there were five dogs in the house.

They all walk at difference speeds and different distances, so I much prefer to walk them individually - which means I'm currently spending several hours a day walking dogs.  Or escorting royalty.

With Riley, a walk is more of a gentle stroll with a lot of side-to-side paw waving.  With Shiloh it is more of a parade, head high, chest out, strutting along to imaginary trombones and tubas.  Mitzi's walks, I think, are an example of royalty rushing to meet with the prime minister - an air of great determination as she plows her way through the crowds and stops only occasionally to give the nod to a lamp post or fire hydrant. Chelsea goes on world tours - as the youngest member of the royal group, she believes in steering her own coach and dragging her entourage  farther afield to explore new territory and meet with the commoners.  Here she went on an exploration of Osborne Bay Park with our friends Sadie B and Gail,  and accompanied by Prince Eddie and me.

Princess Chelsea Dawn at the beach

Sadie B decided to go skinny dipping, and although Chelsea was dying to join her, the entourage kept tight rein on her lest she bare all to the paparazzi like a certain young British prince.

C'mon in!  The water's cool!

Walking so many dogs individually does have its rewards - like this beautiful sunrise Princess Shiloh and I experienced the other morning:

As for Allie?  Well, she thinks things have gotten quite out of hand, especially now that Shiloh's honeymoon period is over and cat-chasing reveals itself as a favourite past time.

I am SO not talking to you, camera lady!

And when Shiloh chases, Chelsea joins in.   Allie is plotting her revenge. There may be a coup in the castle.

Wake me when the nightmare is over. 

(And thanks to Riley's chauffeur, Deb of CatnMouse Designs, for fixing my computer when she delivered Riley in the Royal Pumpkin Carriage on Monday). 


Marie said...

Welcome back, Jean, my goodness, you do have a housefull but it looks like you have it all under control -
great pictures as usual.

Mark said...

Welcome back Jean, we have missed your blog. Gail must have had some treats behind her back in the picture of Chelsea Dawn, just look at Eddie and Sadie B. "Whatya got whatya got" "Gimme gimme" they are as bad as our three.

Mark & Del and the 3 puptakeers

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Jean. I have also missed your blog. Your pictures of the dogs and Allie are wonderfully expressive. Thank you for them and the story too!

Caroline A said...

Why am I reminded of the time you were cooking porridge at the crack of dawn for an army of little piglets,lol.
Your house sounds like such a cozy place!

Jean said...

Mark, you are correct - Eddie considers Gail the Best Treat Lady Ever. She always has much better treats than I do - and is more generous with them.
Caroline - LOL - yes it is a bit like that. Each of the five are on different diets, different supplements, so meal prep around here is quite the production. And right now I'm cooking up rice for one with a bit of the runs.
And Ms. Shiloh is on "leash arrest" (tied to my waist by her leash) as she won't leave the poor cat alone. But if I could get prey driven Caleb, my lovely pitti cross, to leave Allie alone, I'm sure Shiloh will soon get the picture.

Anonymous said...

JeanI so missed your blog when you were no writing! Welcome back dear lady!
Hugs Aileen Pickard

Anonymous said...

Glad Riley's making her princessly self at home, and also glad to have been able to help out with your computer woes. I will never look at my orange Honda Element the same now that it has been dubbed the Royal Pumpkin Carriage!

Hang in there Allie! This too shall pass. Who would have figured that frail little old Shiloh would be a dedicated cat chaser!

See you all in December,
Deb S.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are back, I miss your posts. It seems Shiloh is getting her second wind and is quite enjoying herself. She sure looks a lot better than the original picture.
I have been rooting around and sorting dog things and toys. I have a brand new hedgehog stuffy that squeaks, and lo and behold---another screaming monkey. Are you interested, as Sadie (my border terrier who is 14.5 years old) is definitely not interested in them


Ellen Nickerson said...

So glad to see you are back. I missed your blog and pictures.It is a rainy windy day in Nova Scotia. A good day for reading blogs.

Jean said...

Hi Donna - none of these guys play with toys except Chelsea and she is going home Saturday. I believe it was my friend's dog Tanner or maybe Hugo who killed the last screaming monkey while visiting us one day.
Thanks for the offer though.