Monday, November 25, 2013

Streetwalker, Squeegee Girl, and Lady of the Night

I pace back and forth, back and forth, on the sidewalk.  Over and over again.  Then disappear for a short while before reappearing to pace again.  No, I’m not wearing 6” stilettos  or a short, short skirt, and it is a dog, not a pimp, who forces me into this routine.  I have never in my life walked so slowly for such a short distance as I do with Princess Riley.  Okay, maybe that’s not true – I seem to remember a very similar experience with Charley when she was old and arthritic.  Riley is followed by Mitzi – who sometimes forces me to walk very slowly and sometimes races around the town with me in tow.  And Shiloh.  Who usually walks quite briskly except when I am in a hurry, and then prefers the streetwalker stroll.  Eddie simply tells me which direction to go and then struts out in style – if there is a pimp in my life, it is he.

And then there are the nose prints  - and often paw prints - on the windows.  Today it was time – sun low in the sky accentuates every streak of mud left by dirty-pawed dogs wanting in, and every smear of slobber left by nosy noses looking out.  Bucket and squeegee in hand, I tackled the windows.  Sadly, not one of those on the other side of the glass gave me a tip. 

And lastly there are the night time duties.  Old dogs needing out at night should coordinate their biological needs instead of getting me up at 1 AM, 3 AM, 5 AM.  I am tired today.

Sigh.  I’m a streetwalker, a squeegee girl, and a lady of the night. 

And I thought my former job as a university instructor was challenging.   


Anonymous said...

I hope Riley isn't trying your patience or disturbing your sleep too much! I remember a certain old sheltie who was briefly in my care and at the time I thought was the slowest walker in the world. Now Riley is certainly vying for that crown! Take care, and be sure to nap when you can.

Scritches to all the four-leggeds and a kiss for Riley,
Deb S.

Jean said...

Riley's doing just fine, Deb. I'm usually up with her once a night (or early morning) but at least she is willing to go right back to bed. Unlike certain bi-blue shelties who think any time is meal time!
I'd forgotten Riley's little trick of 'make like a tree' when the human walks too fast. I'm adjusting - she needs a clicker and a bag of treats and I'd learn much faster.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Poetic writing in this, Jean, that left me with a smile but also deeply touched. Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

A handful of treats in your pocket that can be dangled in font of her nose judiciously have been known to speed her along considerably, just like a donkey with a carrot. I use this ploy shamelessly and Riley may well be wondering why you're not. Give it a try! She can hustle along quite quickly at the prospect of a treat!

Deb. S

Anonymous said...

Very funny post Jean. The opening line made we wonder if someone new had moved into the neighbourhood.