Wednesday, June 19, 2013

There's No Place Like Home...

....and we're so glad to be here.  It was a very full week that was, for the most part, relaxing and fun - great friends, singing around the campfire, wonderful meals, lots and lots of wild flowers and birds to photograph, a great visit with Emma, and a wonderful visit from a very famous Turtle Gardens' dog and his family (canine and human) - I have a ton of photos from that one but I'll keep readers in suspense for another day or two.

On the down side, the weather was very unpredictable, from hot and humid,  to one very scary very long very noisy thunderstorm that left poor Eddie a quivering whimpering mess, to steady rain at the most inopportune times -  when I was taking down the tent and packing up the car this morning.

On the way home we stopped at Hearts on Noses piggy sanctuary to drop off some blankets and fruits and veggies, and learned that Janice has had a heart attack and is in hospital.  Help is desperately needed for the next little while, so if you are in the lower mainland or Fraser Valley and can lend a hand with pooper scooping, filling water dishes, helping feed, etc. please check out their facebook page (Hearts On Noses) and/or contact me and I'll get you in touch with someone.

Mitzi has photos to share from her stay with Gail and Sadie B, Allie was well taken care of by the teenager next door, and Eddie barked non stop for an hour after we got home - he was just sooooo excited to be here.

I took about 300 photos per day, which I am still editing of course.  Over the next few days I'll post some of them along with a few stories from the week.


King and The Girls said...

Welcome back home Aunty Jean! We're all glad you made the journey safe and sound!
We're looking forward to reading about your adventures and seeing some of those hundreds of pictures.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Jean and Eddie. I am anticipating some good stories and photos this week on your blog. Allie and Mitzie must be so happy to have you home.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear of Janices heart attach, hope she is doing okay. Bev