Friday, June 21, 2013

Crofton Cat Alert

Before I start documenting our camping trip, I need to post this very important warning for Crofton cat owners, and an accompanying sad goodbye to a very fine cat.

Today I learned that there has been someone using what appears to be a pellet gun to shoot cats in my neighbourhood.  At least three have been shot in the past couple of weeks, two injured and one killed.  Given that others have gone 'missing', it is possible there are more deaths.  The area affected is between Robert Street and Pauline Street, from Bertha to Queen.  It may, of course, be wider than that.

Sadly, the cat who was killed was one I know well and have shown on this blog a few times - Tux, the wonderfully friendly cat belonging to my friends.  He failed to come home one evening, and was found dead the next day under a bush a few houses down, a bullet in his chest.

My deepest condolences go to Lorelei and Wilf.

The shootings have been reported to the RCMP (who told them to call the SPCA); the SPCA (who told them to call the RCMP), and Coastal Animal Services.  They have also been reported to the provincial SPCA hotline.

If you live in Crofton and see or hear anyone shooting at the animals, please call the police. Animal welfare may not be their responsibility, but the use of firearms in Crofton is.  One only needs to express concern that a child might be hurt and they have to respond.

Here's to Tux, a very fine cat. You will be missed.   Run free at the Rainbow Bridge, Tux.

Tux on pagoda

Hi Auntie Jean! Got any treats?

What's that moving in the grass?

Tux in his back yard.


Del and Mark, King and The Girls said...

Oh Jean we are so sad to read about Tux :'(
We are also so ANGRY at the week coward that would kill or mame little harmless cats. Please send our deepest sympathy to Lorelei and Wilf. Paws crossed that the coward suffer an inhumane comeuppance SOON!
Rest in Peace over Rainbow Bridge sweet Tux. You crossed over far too early :(

Anonymous said...

How anyone could be so wicked I don't know, very sad.. bev

Anonymous said...

Very upsetting news about the shooter. RIP Tux