Friday, June 28, 2013

Camping with Eddie - sneak preview continued....

Where the heck is Auntie Jean?
She said she'd have the rest of the post about our visit up
"tomorrow or the next day".
That was on Tuesday.  Today's Friday.
What's going on?

Anyone see her?  We shoulda kept her on leash!

Is she over there?
(c) Jean Ballard 2013

Auntie Jean!

(c) Jean Ballard 2013

I don't think she knows any commands.
(c) Jean Ballard 2013

I'm sorry, guys.
Sometimes my mama can be so lazy busy. 

I'll get the clicker and some treats
and herd her over to the keyboard later today.
She's very food motivated.

(c) Jean Ballard 2013

Me:  It's coming, it's coming!  Meanwhile, King has written a great post about our visit on his blog, which you will find here.


Caroline said...

love these pics! I could actually feel Eddie's Embarrassment at their inability to find you, lol

Anonymous said...

Those are some good looking friends Eddie has.


Del said...

LOL ROFLMAO! Very good! Very, very good!

Now you know, you're gong to have a VERY GOOD excuse erm... reason, for not being around when everyone was searching for you! lol

CAPB said...

What gorgeous photos! Eddie and his friends look very handsome. I think Eddie has the right idea too. Perhaps someone should promise chocolate for blog posts... Does a comment count as a 'click'?

Meredith said...

Very clever..... thanks for the chuckle !

Anonymous said...

Funny.. and what great pics. of those incredibly Gorgeous dogs!