Saturday, June 8, 2013

Life After The Sale

Crofton Lake
As one of the core team of seven pawing through donations, sorting, pricing, packing, doing stuff that led up to the hugely successful SPCA garage sale, life kinda gets put on hold, especially during April and May.  So it is almost eerie to find oneself on a less-busy schedule, a slower pace, more time for doing the things I imagined retirement would allow me to do.

Aside from catching up on housework and gardening, I've been getting back to outings with friends and dogs.  The weather has been perfect - mostly sunny and warm with a light breeze to keep the bugs away and the body comfortable.

Yesterday, we went up to Crofton Lake with our friend Chelsea Dawn (who you may remember from this post) and her mama Anne.  My dogs don't have any difficulty figuring out who carries the best treats:

Mitzi mooches on tiptoe, Eddie assists.

Poor Chelsea could hardly get close to the hand that feeds her.

Hmmm, why is my mom feeding my treats to these interlopers?

But true to her duck tolling retriever nature, she was more interested in retrieving ducks - or in this case, soggy sticks, from the lake.

Mitzi was happy to snuffle around in the mucky grass (hence the filthy face!) and found a recently vacated snake skin.

Is it sumthin' to EAT?

And Eddie, who eschews water and muck (most of the time) was happy just to run run run along the path by the lake. Such a happy boy!

I feel happy, oh so happy,
I am havin' a wonderful daaaaay...

Thanks for the great walk, Chelsea and Anne - we must do this more often!

And on Thursday, we went for our regular Thursday walk with Sadie B and Gail - this week through Osborne Bay Park and down along the beach.  Again, my guys know who carries the better treats.  What Mooches!

Just one more, Auntie Gail, Pleeeeaase?

Princess Mitzi was even willing to get her little tootsies wet and mucky to reach those bits of dried meat.

Some things are more important than dry feet!

Sadie B the border collie was more interested in herding sticks and flying over obstacles - it's hard to catch a clear photo of Speedy Sadie.

Speedy Sadie flies over the log

Another great walk and tired, albeit mucky, dogs.

Will Sit For Treats

Today is a community -wide garage sale in Crofton.  To be honest, I'm garage-saled out.  But I think I just may slip a few dollars in my pocket when I walk the dogs  because, well, you just never know what I can't live without!


Anonymous said...

I also thought I was garage sealed out but I did find a few good buys in Crofton that I couldn't live without..


georgia little pea said...

Home and catching up on your posts. What a garage sale you had! Over 28,000 was it? Amazing how someone's junk can generate so much treasure :)

Love the red flower, so is it an anemone? I don't have much (any) success with flowering plants but when I'm at the nursery, I like picking up red ones. They really brighten up the courtyard.

Eddie, Eddie, you really are a smiley boy. Hope your leg is all good now, looks it. As for the little missy, she might look like a lady, but it appears she has the same scavenging soul as Georgia LOL. Snake skin? :D x