Monday, June 24, 2013

Camping with Eddie - the first couple of days

We arrived at our camp in the late afternoon.  First things first, we put up the tent and Eddie made himself right at home.

Eddie makes himself at home

We also put a crate outside so he would have a comfy, safe place to chill when we were sitting around the fire.  Eddie would be tethered, on leash, or crated during our holidays.  No taking chances on a lost dog in unfamiliar surroundings!

This is the life!

Then it was time to relax.  As soon as we sat down around the fire, the wildlife appeared.

Stellar Jay

Stellar Jay


Fortunately, Eddie has no interest in squirrels.  Very fortunately, because at one point he was lying next to some gray and white rocks and a squirrel ran right over and hopped on his back, thinking he was just another rock!  Eddie didn't even seem to notice, but the expression on the squirrel's face when his feet met fur was priceless - as was the speed with which he raced away!

Do I look like a rock to you?

There was just enough time for beer and peanuts before dinner.  The Stellar jays and squirrels thought so too.

Beer and peanuts!

Hey Mr Squirrel, can I have that?

Go get yer own darn peanut!

After dinner, a walk down to the creek

And a few more photos,

Get yer own peanut, squirrel said.  How do I do that?

I'll show you!

They're in here.


Thanks, buddy!

And soon it was time for bed.


And for the next couple of days, that was all we did.  Eat, sleep, walk, photograph.

Until Saturday.  When our very very very very very special guests arrived from Lillooet.  But that's a topic for the next post.


Caroline said...

I love these camping trips! And love your mat in front of the tent!

EvenSong said...

Well, I can certainly see how the "Stellar Jays" got their name--they are indeed stellar! As is your lovely campsite.
And Eddie has made himself at home, for sure. So funny about the squirrel running across his back!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your camping adventures with us. I especially enjoyed the picture of your mom in the previous post. What a lot of life and experience there is in that face! Earlier this year I lost my 94 year old grandmother so it was a treat to see your mother's picture. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a very lovely and interesting place to camp.


Lady May said...

EDDIE?! Are you kidding me? That was a SQUIRREL! Don't you know you HAVE TO chase them?