Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Camping with Eddie - a sneak preview of our visitors

I wonder how many readers have been following this blog since November 2008, when I wrote a post entitled "Needed:  One 'Happily Ever After' Ending" about a stray dog, his pack, his broken femur, and some very wonderful good samaratans from Alberta who found them, picked them up, and travelled 7 hours out of their way to take the pack to Turtle Gardens?  If you haven't read it or don't remember it, please click here (then hit the back browser to return to this post).

The post was read by  another couple of wonderful people, Del and Mark, who live about two hours north of where I was camping.  They tell me that post convinced them to inquire about King, the leader of the pack.  And shortly thereafter, they adopted him.  So now you know why I feel so very connected to the visitors who came to our campsite on Saturday, and especially to this sweet, sweet, sweet boy:

(c) Jean Ballard 2013

He came with Del and Mark and his two canine siblings, Lady May (a recent adoptee from Turtle Gardens) and Princess MollyDawg (who has lived with Del and Mark for most of her life and graciously accepted King and Lady May into her home.

Lady May, King, and Princess MollyDawg
at Emory Creek
(c) Jean Ballard 2013
Of course, I took hundreds of photos.  Hundreds and hundreds of photos.  But these two are all I'm showing you today - just a sneak preview of what's to come.  I'll post some more tomorrow or the next day.  Del will also be posting a photo/story of the visit some time in the next few days - when that happens, I'll link to it on my blog.

Their visit was the highlight of the week.


Anonymous said...

I do I do!! I remember King's story!!! One of my favorite pictures around that time on the TG blog was King greeting his pack after a couple of them had been to the vet...they truly were a family and he watched out for them ... They were so sweet. I have also had the privledge of meeting King at a TG walk a few years ago...he IS a sweet boy....hope you all have a wonderful visit! Love Katherine and Possum xo

Del said...

This is a totally awesome picture of our three darlings Jean. You truly captured there personalities. It was our absolute pleasure to visit with you.
I can't wait until we can return the hospitality shown to us by Ken, Ann and you and Eddie.
Thank you so much!
Waiting with anticipation for the continuing story.
hugs n tail wags

Marie said...

Hi, Jean, so nice to see the pictures today of King and his family of dogs. I have met Del and Mark when they came to do the home check for me adopting Sparkle. So nice that they came to see you on your trip. Thanks for the posting - the pictures are beautiful as usual.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Just caught up with a good number of your posts, Jean. So many wonderful photos! The dear little squirrel and the Stellar Jay stand out. How neat that the squirrel was able to teach the jay a hunting trick or two :) So happy that you had a wonderful camping trip! King's story inspired some thought (for the umpteenth time) about how far your rescue work has reached and how many animals now live well because of you and the people you know in the field. Thank you for the comments on my blog. Your wish on the dandelion seeds felt especially sweet and very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Heart warming story, and thank you Del and Mark for giving King a loving home.