Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why I hate slugs

Overnight, they turned this:

Into this:

Arrrghhh.  Yeah, I know, slugs need to eat too - but why can't they just eat the weeds and leave the flowers alone?!


Karen said...

Finally! Something not to love about where you live, lol. We hardly have any slugs in the Cariboo, thank goodness, but on the downside, there are still the last remnants of snow piles on the ground. Spring is finally looking like it might have sprung here.

Caroline said...

that is annoying!
Do you have momma bird back in her nest and if so, would she eat slugs?

Jean said...

Karen - the other thing I don't love about where I live is the business ethic (says she, as she waits for the now-late insulation people to arrive after rushing like crazy to get the dogs walked and everything ready before 8:00 AM). Glad to know spring is finally springing up there!
Caroline, the birdies are back in the bird house and I think already sitting on eggs. Sadly our slugs are almost as big as the birds so not likely bird food. I've tried all the pet-safe methods, even not very nice ones, to keep the slugs away but not found one that works. I may have to adopt some muskovey ducks - I hear they love to eat slugs!

Caroline said...

ahhh yeah and then you'd have "duck Pâté " (or duck poop for the non-connoisseur, my dogs are huge fans)for the doggies, lol.

I think gravel around the plant might work, have you tried that?

Meredith said...

Growing up we had a Jack Russell who would get her hackles up and slug hunt on rainy mornings..... when she found one she would slurp it up, mouth it for a bit and then spit it out.... yes a bit off putting if you were walking her before breakfast ! She lived to the ripe old age of 17 and we had very few surviving slugs. Perhaps she was part Muscovy duck ? Our garden now faces north and I am truly amazed at the size of the slugs we get.... shudder. My 6 year old however thinks they are lovely and wants to keep them as pets and we often have to bring home lonely snails when we are out for our walks so that they can be with their friends. My garden sadly looks like that poor little pansy most of the time now.... sigh !

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you may have to get ducks or a jack russell! (Both have loads of personality)
I use to leave beer in bowls & many, many slugs would drown in that beer... (they are atracted to the yeast....It seemed the least cruel way to kill them. I hope it was !?
My neighbor would collect those prickly bark pieces from the beach to lay around her plants. She said slugs don't like the prickly slivers and salt on them.
I actually like slugs. I think they're cute & they have personality if you really watch them. They used to reach up and talk to me. I'm not kidding. The ones in my yard on the no-sunshine coast where huge.
They also seem to really like eating dog poo so can actually be use full to have around.