Monday, April 15, 2013

Do I Hafta?

Sometimes I feel guilty when I don't blog for several days.  When it stretches to a week, I feel REALLY guilty.  Sometimes I don't blog because I'm busy and/or tired.  Sometimes I don't blog because I'm just not inspired.  Sometimes I don't blog because I'm too lazy to sort through a bunch of photos and pull them into a story.

And sometimes I don't blog because I'm not sure anyone is reading the blog anyway!

So there!

The stat counter tells me people are visiting the page, but the scarcity of comments these days makes me think sometimes I am just talking to myself.

And that's okay, I guess.  The reason I started this blog was to have some fun recording my life with critters and illustrating it with photos, and at the same time providing a way to let my friends and family know I'm still alive given that I am the world's worst at keeping in touch.

So, in case you are wondering, yes I'm here and all is well.  I haven't been taking many photos lately so other than one long and complicated  photo-post that I'm currently too lazy to put together, I have nothing wonderful for you to look at.  That's why I stuck a nice sunrise photo, one you've seen before, at the top of this post.  For those who like pictures more than words.

I've been rearranging my office in hopes of becoming inspired to write;  I've been procrastinating on my taxes  (which aren't due until April 30th in Canada, just in case my American friends who are trying to beat the midnight deadline today are wondering);  I've been doing some gardening, and helping prepare for this year's SPCA giant garage sale, and going to my book club and my writing group, and walking the dogs, and watching Call the Midwife and American Idol and Murdoch Mysteries and Cracked (much more television than I usually watch - thank goodness we are already hitting the season finales on some of them!)  and I've been reading The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and I've been catching up on long-overdue filing.  I've been following up on leads on the still-missing Levi.

And Mitzi had a gastrointestinal upset that made her very ill for a few days so I've been helping pay down my vet's student loans (hey, she's a young vet - I'm guessing she's still paying off her loans rather than sending her kids through college).  Mitzi is feeling much better now, thank you.

So, I guess I have been busy.  Or lazy.  Or a bit of both.  Which is why I haven't blogged.  But I know some of you are likely waiting for more stories and photos of dogs or pigs or hikes or life on the island.  But I ask you.....

Do I hafta?


EvenSong said...

No. You don't hafta.
Okay, you guilted me into commenting, though I *should* be getting ready for school. ;-)
I do read and enjoy all your posts, though seldom comment much of anywhere lately. As for being behind on a blog, I've got you beat, hands-down!
The blog is yours to write, or post pictures, or not... Do what's right for you.
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Do you hafta? No.

Do I wancha to? YES!!!!!

Jean, I check your blog every single day and love your posts. I have tried to comment in the past but it is difficult to do.

I found your blog, through Turtle Gardens' website, while living in Prince George. After recently moving to Vancouver Island, I find your blog even more valuable. Thanks to you I was able to visit the beautiful Kinsol Trestle.

Your stories about animals move me to laughter and tears. Your stories about your community and surrounding areas inspire me to visit. Your stories about the people in your life entertain me. You communicate so beautifully through your writing Jean please don't stop.

And your pictures, they are the icing on the cake!

Caroline said...

You don't hafta, I suppose. Your blogs are a luxury, always interesting, entertaining, the pictures are gorgeous and it always makes for a great start to my day when I read your blog with my first cup of coffee in the morning.

So no you don't hafta, but I kind of hope you wanna cause it is THAT appreciated!

Jean said...

Ha ha, Evensong, yes you do have me beat, hands-down! Georgia Little Pea also has me beat, I think (hint hint).
Caroline, I will try to get a post with photos up before the end of this week. Meanwhile, have a second cup of coffee.

Cathy said...

You don't hafta but please do.
I am a regular visitor, but don't comment much so I can imagine how difficult it is to keep a blog going week after week. Of all the blogs I have followed the past few years, yours is the only one that I check on every few days. I love to hear from and about Mitzi, Eddie and Allie, love your sense of humour and of course, the photographs.
So, just in case you have the impression that you are talking into a vacuum...I am out here.

Anonymous said...

Hooverschick: I live on the north shore of vancouver and have been reading your blog since you took care of the young piggie family. I have never commented as it seems kind of creepy for a stranger to be commenting on your life. I also cannot imagine what it must be like to keep track and respond to all the comments. But I do want you to know that you have provided me with hours of entertainment. I cried when your beloved sister and dogs passed away. I laughed when you told stories of your animals antics. (Love those green feet) I have to admit that I am disappointed when you don't blog but that's a very selfishly motivated emotional response :). Thank you for all your pictures and posts.

Meredith said...

Hi Jean.....
No you don't hafta but it sure would be nice if you do ! We adopted a dog from Turtle Gardens just over a year ago and I found the link to your blog there. It is a daily treat for me to check in and see if you have posted ! The photos are wonderful and it is a true delight to hear about the antics of the animals in your life.I especially love it when they take over your computer and write a post. Thanks for the smiles and laughs !

Dawn said...

First, every morning (after the dog and cats are fed), I check my email. Then..the best part. I click on the link for My life with the critters!

You are my best contact with my beloved Vancouver Island, Jean. I agree with the others who say your don't hafta, but we hope you will.

Alisa said...

You don't hafta, but it's always nice when you do. Retirement is supposed to be about less hafta and more wanta.

I read often and always look forward to hearing what you are up to now that you're not at the university. :)

georgia little pea said...

I hear ya sista! Seems we had more or less the same schedule/blogging pain the last week. Thank goodness! I am going to devote the rest of my day to slowly going through all the posts in my GR, maybe 2 per blog? ;)

I'm so thrilled to see someone else not afraid to admit they watch AI! Cushion says I should be totally ashamed of my telly habits.

Please don't stop blogging, I love your stories and pictures. The next few months will be choppy for me, but I will check in and make sure you're all right. Hugs to the critters and you! X

Sheryl said...

Love your blog! I'm always happy when there's a new post.

Anonymous said...

I, too, check your blog often and read any new ones to me. I enjoy reading your stories and seeing the pictures you choose to share.
I never comment because I can't remember if I have a google account or any of the other sign in accounts. So as to not be anonymous, I'll simply sign off as -

JudyL from Delaware

Jean said...

I should whine more often - just look at all the comments! LOL And from people I didn't even know read the blog. :)
Anonymous who now lives on the Island - so glad you visited Kinsol Trestle. Do come for a walk on the Crofton seawalk one day/

Cathy, Hooverschick, Meredith, Dawn, Sheryl, GLP, - so good to read your comments!

Alisa!!! I didn't know you read the blog. How're things at UFV ? guess you are up to your eyeballs in marking right now. I won't even pretend to miss the place, but do say hi to my former colleagues.

Jean said...

JudyL - is it spring there yet? Thanks for commenting - I didn't know you were one of my regular readers!

Marie said...

Jean, I left you a comment yesterday but don't see it posted,however, I just wanted to tell you that although you don't hafta' I sure hope you do!
Sparkle and I read your blog every morning and enjoy the comings and goings of Eddie, Mitzi and you, take care and enjoy the Springtime!

CAPB said...

Aw! I have to join the chorus and say, you don't hafta but I definitely want you to! I love reading your blog and seeing all the pictures :) But it must be a lot of hard work to produce such a great blog, so take care of yourself first and foremost.

Anonymous said...

Well, I better add a comment too Jean! I enjoy reading your blog regularly, but don't often comment! Sounds like you have been busy, you have given me some television program ideas and Harold Fry is on order at the library, has been for ages! Take care, Vernon Bev

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean, You don't have to blog, but from all the comments you would be missed. I check your blog often, even though I don't comment. I think of you as part of my life. We've known each other for eight years. For some of those years,"the piggies" were partly fed from my fruit and veggie peelings. I personally miss you!