Monday, April 8, 2013

Mama's Busy.....

By Mitzi and Eddie

Mitzi here.  Mama Jean is lazy busy, so much so that she hazn't even told you the story of Crofton's Massive Move.  She'll get to it.  But since she's too lazy busy to blog, Eddie and I will keep you entertained.  Mama Jean sez we keep her entertained and that is why she never has energy time to blog.

Anyway, guess what I've been doin'?

Nope, I didn't dip my feets in chocolate for Easter.

And I wazn't helping Mama Jean in the garden again (well, I was, but that's not when this picture was taken).

I waz MOUNTAIN CLIMBING.  Mama Jean sez it was more of a short hike, but when you weigh less than ten pounds and have little tiny legs, going up the trail to Crofton Lake is a great big mountain climbing expedition.  Mama Jean's brother climbed to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro last month, and his legs is waaay longer than mine, so I betcha this hike was the equivalent of Mt Kilimanjaro for little ol' me!  

Me at the top!
I'z so proud of myself!

Get outta mah picture, Eddie!
This is MY part of the story!

Stoopid brother, honing in on my photoshoot!

So here I am at Mt Kilimanjaro Crofton Lake.  When we first started up the trail, through the deep dark forest, I wazn't happy.  I kept turning around to try to go back to the car, but Mama Jean had me on my long leash so I couldn't escape.  Then Auntie Gail, Sadie B's mama, had the brilliant idea of  bribing me with offering me the Best Treats Ever instead of the boring kibble snacks mama offered me, and ZOOM, I was on my way, trotting right along and just stopping often enough and long enough to get Auntie Gail to bring out the treats again.

Sadie B thought it was fun to go swimming in the lake.


Are You Kidding Me?  Take a bath On Purpose?  There's no understanding some dogs.

And Silly Eddie was just running around being silly.

Eddie here.  I was NOT being silly!  I was just gettin' my exercise.  Auntie Gail tried to get me to go in the water too, but I said No Thank You Not Even For Food.

Aw c'mon Auntie Gail!
That Is Not Fair!

But she gave me a treat anyway.

I'm a good boy.
I deserve a treat!

Mitzi decided she really liked hiking and managed to hit every mud puddle on the way back down.  That's how she ended up with chocolate dirty legs, in case you were wondering.

Mitzi:  I'z on the trail of a Mountain Lion!
I is a Brave, Strong, Mountain Climber!

Tomorrow I (Eddie the Explorer) will tell you about my outing with my friend Rajah and Auntie Margaret.  Mitzi didn't get to come on that one.  Nyah-nyah-nyah.

Mitzi:  Hey, I had to catch up on mah Beauty Rest.
That's something yucky  Boy Dogs don't understand.
(Though I don't think it's fair that I had to have a bath and Eddie didn't!)  


Dawn said...

Well, I am glad someone decided to write here! Not to sound too demanding, but my kitty (always in my lap as I read my email and check the two blogs I always read) and I have been frustrated to find no new info about our favorite dogs and cat (and auntie Jean).

Anonymous said...

Great blog of your adventure Mitzi and Eddie. We love Crofton Lake too.

Archie and gang.