Sunday, April 28, 2013

Some Days are for the Birds!

Well, the insulation isn't done - the workers burned out the motor of the blower after doing only about 1/4 of the attic, and who knows when they'll return.  All I can say is that the best thing about last week was the weather and the amount I got done in the yard and shed.

I did intend to build a small ramp into the shed today, but got sidetracked by what has become an annual event in my back yard - photographing the first hatch of baby birdies in my backyard birdhouse.

I first heard the little pips on Monday, but today was the first day the little faces peeked out of the hole.  In a couple more days they will take their first flight.  Here's a small sampling of some of my favorite photos from this afternoon:

Papa bird and the triplets

Mama bird arrives with the groceries

Now, what do you say? PLEASE, mama!

Papa, we're starving!

Down the hatch!

Dad, Mom, and Greedy Gus


Dawn said...

Jean, these are great pictures. I have never had a successful birdhouse. Any suggestions?

Caroline said...

Now I know it's spring! Look forward to this one every year :)

Dawn said...

I forgot to commiserate with you about the workers. While I found most of the workers in Canada nicer and more human than here in Calif, when their equipment breaks it is so disappointing.

And, I believe it is a rule for all contractors that they must have at least six jobs going at once. This assures that no one client has a clue when the contractors might return.

Sheryl said...

Priceless photos! I especially love the first one with three open mouths demanding food!

ruth said...

Oh, I love these pictures - and your tradition of taking time to document the birdies.
Will you show us again when they actually leave home? There always seems to be the one who isn't ready to leave yet... ;-)

Jean said...

Dawn, I've read that birdhouses should face north - but any I've placed that way failed to attract the birds. This one was already up when I bought this place; it faces east and is sheltered under the eaves of the shed and about 6-8 feet from a feeder and tall fence. The birds take up residence almost year round - as soon as one family hatches and leaves, another moves in. Even in winter there is often a bird keeping warm in there. It's sometimes a challenge to find a time when it is empty in order to take it apart and clean it out.

One thing you can try just as mating season starts is sprinkling generous amounts of dog fur and bits of soft wool around - they love to use it to line their nest.

Jean said...

Ruth, if I'm home when the babies are learning to fly, I'll certainly be trying to capture it with the camera (the beauty of telephoto lenses - I can do it from the other side of the yard). I'm out much of the week, so they may take off while I'm not looking. I do remember the fun we had last year (or was it the year before) when one little bird didn't want to leave! It was the next day before he joined his siblings.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful photos! Sorry to hear about trouble with the house.

Lou, Abbotsford

Anonymous said...

The first photo is incredible mom!