Thursday, April 25, 2013

Guess who dropped by today?

Hi everyone!
It's me, Riley! 
Riley, who stayed with us for a couple of months this winter, was back on the island with Deb for a couple of days and dropped in to say "woof" on their way back to the mainland.  Riley brought along her pal, Roxy, who is being looked after by Deb for a while.

As my house is in a state of chaos this week while being re-wired and re-insulated, I was thankful that the weather has been glorious all week long.  I've been spending my days in the yard, trying to keep one step ahead of weeds, cleaning out the back shed, planting a few more things, power washing the decks, etc.  So I was ready for a day off to catch up with Deb and take the dogs to the beach.

Deb with Riley, Eddie, and Roxy

Eddie's not to keen on the sea walk when anyone else is on it - he likes to walk on one particular side and  focus very intensely on reaching the other end of the boardwalk before the Trolls who live beneath it squeeze up through the cracks and gobble him up.  Heaven forbid anyone get in his path.

MOVE, Riley!  Yer in mah way!
The Trolls are gonna get me!
An otter was at the edge of the water chowing down on a large fish.  I just had my pocket camera with me, and the tide was out far enough to be just beyond range of my zoom.  Still, I was surprised that I still was able to capture a shot or two.

Otter chows down on fish

Deb had a better camera/telephoto lens with her, so she has promised to send me her photos of the otter fish feast too.

Mitzi has been up and down with her hot spots on her foot and with tummy troubles, and didn't accompany us on the walk.  I think she finds all the workmen in the house very exhausting even though she is either outside with me or safely snoozing in her crate in the mudroom.  But at the end of the afternoon when we had the house back to ourselves, she had a bite to eat and then jumped into her favourite armchair to collapse.  She's quite the drama queen.

Oh Mah Goodness!
This is TOO much!
Ah'm just plain exhausted!

Never mind Mitzi, tomorrow the work should be finished and life can get back to normal again. At least, until we pay off this debt and plan the next project.....


EvenSong said...

Good to have Riley visit the blog (and your home) again.

Speaking of projects...Did I miss the post showing all the kitchen renovations???

Word Verification: "Perdiccas itostsi" -- the realm under the seawalk where the itostic monsters live (Couldn't help myself--that just what jumped out at me when I read it)

Jean said...

Ha ha! Eddie appreciates that Someone Else believes there are monsters under the seawalk, despite what his mama tells him! Next walk he will yell "Go away Perdiccas itostsi!".
No you didn't miss the post showing the kitchen renos. Sigh. I keep procrastinating as I still haven't found anyone to fix the one corner where the stoopid dryer vent sticks out in plain sight. I guess I better do it next week - I've had the materials for months, just lacking a bit of know-how.

Sheryl said...

Good Boy, Eddie! It pays to be cautious, you just never know when those Trolls will pop out to get you.