Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mitzi gets Busted

This weekend, I took Mitzi with me to the green space by the ferry dock where I was planning to photograph, for the paper,  an event related to a Crofton Community Planning meeting. One of the issues under discussion is a height restriction for buildings - currently no building in Crofton is more than three stories high, and a majority of residents have some sort of ocean view from somewhere on their property. However, a variance was granted for a four story building to be built  by the green space, a building which will, ironically, block much of my own ocean view. Construction is expected to begin shortly.

The event involved launching a cluster of helium balloons to a height of 15 meters (the height of a four story building), providing residents with a visual demonstration of the height, and an opportunity to see how it might   impede their view - those who can see the balloons from their property, would also see waterfront buildings at that height.  While the wind made keeping the balloons aloft at that height somewhat problematic, the colourful orbs certainly attracted attention.

Preparing the balloons

As did a certain mischievous moppet.

I had Mitzi on a six-foot leash attached to my belt as I focused the camera, with its long lens, skyward trying to capture the balloons as they tossed and bobbed in the breeze.  Needless to say, my attention wasn't on Mitzi.

Ready to launch

Fifteen meters high

Suddenly I heard a little child's voice innocently say "Excuse me, what is that doggy doing?"

I looked down to find Mitzi, nose deep in someone's bag, rapidly gulping down their breakfast muffin.


Busted, Mitzi.  You are sooooo busted!

But it waz wirth every second!  Yum!


georgia little pea said...

Dear Mitzi, I can assure you from personal experience that it is NOT YOUR FAULT that the muffin bag made its way to your mouth. You should however, always immediately destroy any evidence of ever having tasted it. Like, is that muffin mess I see on your whiskers?

Please tell your human she should make A BIG FUSS about that 4 storey building. What sods to mess with an ocean view! Wouldn't it make more sense to build two 2-storey buildings? Oh wait. I'm a dog. What would I know ;)

Black Jack's Carol said...

Busted for sure, and for all the world to see.. but as your expression shows, absolutely worth it :)

Marie said...

LOL, that's as guilty a face as I have ever seen!!! What a little imp!
I sure hope that building doesn't get erected, what a shame to obstruct that view.