Sunday, February 17, 2013

Love comes in unexpected packages

I’d hoped my next love would be big and strong, with short straight reddish or blond hair. A generous smile, affectionate, a good cuddler and kisser.  My love would enjoy hiking and swimming, have a long easy stride, a passion for the outdoors, and youthful enough to stay active for years to come.  A country-lovin’ best friend who would consider me the centre of the world.  A yellow lab, I thought, or a pitbull cross, like the ones I’ve loved before. Maybe five or six years old. 

So when my terminally ill cousin asked me to become Mitzi’s next mama, I confess I felt a twinge of sadness that didn’t just stem from her impending death.  Mitzi was a little frou-frou dog – all of eight pounds, with white curly hair, a twelve year old rather independent dog who didn’t care for cuddles and kisses and was quite happy left at home napping on her dainty little pillow. A purebred Bichon Frise – even the name sounded prissy. 

But family is family, and my love of dogs is legend, and so I welcomed Mitzi into my home.

And promptly fell head over heels in love.

Not since Lucy have I met a dog with such a big personality, full of silliness and spunk and infinite energy.  She is funny and expressive, boisterous and playful, and yet she also chooses to snuggle tightly against me all night long. 

There isn't a day goes by that some antic or another doesn't make me think  “Oh I must blog about this!”  or that I try, in vain, to capture her personality with the camera – her little upraised chin, her penetrating dark eyes,  staring at me as if to say “And just WHAT have you done with my real mama?”.  I wish I could share with you her many wonderful vocalizations  - she has finally stopped whining and now  expresses herself in little barks and growls and grumbles and squeeks.  I’d like to show you her wild zoomies around the house as she playbows to me, to the cat, to Eddie, and insists – INSISTS – we chase her.  Around and around and around I go, as she hides around corners, flies across furniture, and does a slider into the homebase mat that would be the envy of every Little League player in Canada.

In the next few days, I will try to share a few stories and pictures of Mitzi, the tiny white furball that took my heart by storm. 

Life around here will never be the same. 

You can say that again!  Ah'm in charge now!


Anonymous said...

I can very much identify with your unexpected love affair with a 'Bichon' of all dogs.
I too (not really knowing the breed ) just always assumed them 'prissy' for my idea of what a (real) dog is.
This may have also had something to do with the classic Bichon hair-do's groomers often give them. You know the kind I mean... with the big fur ball fluff around the whole head? Looks ridiculous in my humble opinion.
My mother adopted a little Bichon from a shelter in Mexico (with one eye missing) ...And what a lovable little charmer he is!

Marie said...

Jean, I am so happy to hear that Mitzi has adapted well to your home - I had no doubt that you would fall in love! Her antics are very much like Sparkle's and there is no way that they are going to let us ignore them!!! Lots of happy days ahead and I look forward to reading more about you all.

MrsB said...

Ah, when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Anonymous said...

Jean I'm so glad to hear that her true personality is now shining through.


georgia little pea said...

Love pops up in surprising places. When we got Georgia, Cushion and I kept BLAMING each other for the choice, and Rufus because it was actually HIM who chose her :)

Mitzi sounds very fit. Is she really a cuddler after all, then? Or just missing her mama? X

Deborah Strong said...

Your story of Mitzy reminds me of a certain wee Pomeranian that came into my life through circumstances beyond my control and against my better judgement. I thought I was immune to her charms, but nearly two years after her passing I still miss that little 8-pound fluff-ball with the larger than life personality. You have to watch out for the wee ones - they worm their way in when you're not expecting it.

Glad I got to meet Mitzi on my last visit. She is indeed a charmer.

Deb S.