Sunday, February 10, 2013

For Karen in the Cariboo...

And for my friends digging out of three feet of snow back east, too.
*insert evil grin here*



The chives are up!

And primulas are blooming again.

The swiss chard and kale have been growing all winter

And soon the daffodils and tulips will  show their faces.

In fact......

Okay, I cheated on that last photo - I couldn't resist adding a container of forced bulbs to my patio pots!

But still........spring is in the air!


Karen said...


I should test your sense of humour further by sending Jack, our newest adolescent lunatic rescue for an extended visit to Crofton. :)

Jean said...

Mitzi would probably love a more lively playmate than Eddie. She keeps playbowing to the cat in hopes of making a friend.
On the other hand, I suspect the cat would not be the least bit impressed if an adolescent lunatic rescue showed up on the doorstep!

Ellen Nickerson said...

We only got 17 cm of snow and today the sun is shining and the wind has finally gone away. It will be awhile before we see spring flowers.

Black Jack's Carol said...

I've learned when I see the words "insert evil grin" to read on at my own risk. Heartless. That's what it is. Heartless. I can only write this because we share the same corner of the world :) I saw my first cherry blossoms on Sunday in Stanley Park (ducks).

georgia little pea said...

Nooooo! That means autumn is on its way here! ARGH.

Anonymous said...

I know my friend back in Ontario would say that you have a mean streak Jean.Hehe. Yup my snowdrops are up and other things are starting to poke their leaves up.