Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Allie's Revenge

Mitzi and Allie have been my primary source of entertainment ever since Mitzi's arrival.  First Mitzi took Allie's favourite spot - a  living room armchair on which Allie's favourite bed sits.  At first, Mitzi lay on the cat bed.  Last week, however, she took things one step further - she now jumps into the chair and with one grandiose swipe of her paw, flips the cat's bed onto the floor before curling up in the chair.

Who wants Cat Cooties?  Not me!

Allie responded by stealing Mitzi's dogbed on the couch.

Damn Dog.  I'll fix her!
She steals my place, I'll steal hers.
And leave some cooties behind. 

One of Allie's favourite forms of exercise is to race up and down the hallway, batting around catnip mouse.  Mitzi tried to join in the fun - by chasing Allie.

Allie invariably ends the game by racing under a piece of furniture where Mitzi can't find her.  Then she bides her time.  When Mitzi gives up on hide-and-seek and wanders back to her armchair, Allie sneaks up onto the top of the couch and launches herself right in Mitzi's path, scaring the biscuits out of Mitzi and sometimes taking a swipe at her fur.  Mitzi is developing a healthy respect for the cat.

About ten days ago, Allie stepped it up a notch.  While the dogs went outside to do their business, Allie positioned herself just to the inside right of the backdoor.  When unsuspecting Mitzi stepped back into the house, Allie pounced into her path, all four feet firmly planted.  Mitzi stopped dead in her tracks.  Allie has done this on several occasions since, and either Allie runs down the hall with Mitzi in hot pursuit, or Mitzi runs down the hall with Allie in hot pursuit.  It is a toss up which one cries "Uncle" first.

But I think Allie is getting the upper hand paw - literally.   [A bit of background:  When I go out without the dogs, they are left in the mudroom, which is separated from the rest of the house by a baby gate.  This keeps them out of trouble and also ensures they can be quickly located in an emergency.  Both dogs have crates in that room, and both love their crates - often choosing to go nap in the crates even when I am home.]  Initially when I went out without Mitzi, I closed her inside her crate, as Allie can jump the baby gate.  The other day, I decided Allie was no longer a danger to Mitzi or vice versa, so I left Mitzi's crate door open, just as I do Eddie's.  

When I returned to the house thirty minutes later, this is what I found.

And Allie has done that almost every time I've gone out since then.  I'm not sure if they are becoming best buddies, or if it is Allie's way of making sure Mitzi stays put.  I have flashbacks of old Peanuts comic strips with Snoopy the Vulture.

This image from:  http://peanuts.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Snoopy's_alter_egos

Stay tuned for more stories of Life with Mitzi. 


Barb H. said...

I think Mitzi is going to be a very amusing addition to your clan. Blog fodder in abundance.

Dawn said...

It looks like a great friendship developing to me. If Allie really didn't like being chased by Mitzi, she has the weapons (claws) to make her wishes known loud and clear.

Since there are no injuries being inflicted, I think they are having fun with each other.

Years ago I had a cat who loved to be dragged around the kitchen by the dog. Nikki would hold one of the cat's back leg/foot and pull him all over the kitchen! I was worried at first until I heard the cat purring!

georgia little pea said...

I think they're becoming best friends. Friends always test each others' limits! Love the cartoon x

georgia little pea said...

Darn. Did my comment go through? :( I shall check back.

Jean said...

It came through, GLP - I was just out for the day so the email was being neglected.

They are certainly testing each other's limits - and mine too when they decide to play tag in the middle of the night.

georgia little pea said...


In the middle of the night! She's certainly feisty!