Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Notes on the Run

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. Nor, of course, have my dogs. We have been enjoying the occasional sunshine (what is this business of one day of spring, one day of rain and cold, one day of spring...? We are being teased by Mother Nature. It is most frustrating!), getting my little patio retreat planted with flowers, preparing for the SPCA garage sale, catching up on some chores around the house and yard, catching up on emails, celebrating my friend Else's 65th birthday (great party, Char!), and generally keeping too darn busy.

And today, I am off to the mainland for a day to visit my mom - likely my last chance until the end of June. And since this neglectful daughter forgot to send her a card or flowers for Mother's Day (though I did remember to phone her!), I can pretend it is a Mother's Day visit and all will be forgiven. Enroute, I'm transporting a dog for one of the rescues, so my own girls will stay home by themselves, with Mary and Else dropping by to feed them and let them out as needed.

Hey, what about ME?

(photo by Deb Strong)

Keep checking back - some time this week I WILL put up more photos from Deb and Sharon's visit. Meanwhile, island people mark your calendars for the BIG annual Cowichan and district SPCA garage sale, May 28-29, 8:30-3:00, 7550 Bell McKinnon Rd, Duncan. Tons of great stuff - tons!!!

Gotta run. Ferries and dogs don't wait for bloggers.

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georgia little pea said...

i suppose i'm too late to wish you a good trip. i hope your mom doesn't read your blog :p xox